Bathroom tile trends 2023: The 10 tile designs that you should have in your bathroom this year

by Kristiyana

The year of 2022 has come and gone, and now it’s time to welcome the newest trends in bathroom interior design for 2023. The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house that often gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t be so. There are many interesting and unique ideas that you can try for upgrading your bathroom, just look to the new bathroom tile trends for 2023. From bold colours to intricate textures, the trends for bathroom tiles this year are all about creating that personal space that resonates with your style and has some fun and energy to it. Let me show you just what I am talking about with the 10 tile designs that you should have in your bathroom this year!

Bathroom tile trends 2023: Earthly tones

bathroom in earthly tones_terracotta tiles

In 2023, earthly tones are having their big moment in interior design. It’s all about being close to nature and creating a real cocooning space. Hence, it’s no wonder that this trend is also welcomed in bathroom tiles. When you are looking for the perfect design, think of colours that you can find in nature, like this warm terracotta flooring right here. Gray, clay, beige and sage green are also an optimal choice.

Going bold when it comes to colours

bold bathroom ideas_green bathroom ideas


But this year is not only about those cuddling earthly tones. Bold colours are everywhere right now. This shift towards bolder hues is about embracing your true self and being creative. Colours like emerald green, sunny yellow, deep red and ocean blue will infuse your bathroom with a lively and playful energy. You can also go with some of the colour trends for 2023 like deep magenta and orange-reds.

Mosaics as a bathroom tile trend for 2023

mosaic bathroom tiles_what is the bathroom trend for 2023

For bathroom trends in 2023 be sure to see more of mosaic designs. There’s been a rise in interest in colourful bathroom mosaics, either in a single bold colour or in more. Here we can see that a multicolour design has been displayed, and it greatly contrasts against the white marble sink. You can opt for a design made of various shapes and patterns to create a unique and exceptional style for your bathroom.

Mixing and matching different tiles

mix and match tiles_bathroom ideas 2023

Do you want to have some fun while upgrading your bathroom this year? Try mixing and matching different tile designs. You can use textured tiles and mix them with a flat surface. Do this either for your floor, walls, or even both if you like the way it looks. The mixing and matching design will add a completely original touch to your bathroom.

Bathroom tile trends 2023: Black & white

black and white bathroom_checkerboard floor

Everyone knows that black and white bathrooms have this classic and timeless look. This design is bold, and the two complementing colours give plenty of options to any homeowner for creating an intricate and exceptional style. Chequerboard flooring is a top choice for many designers in 2023. Going with this type of tile design for your floor will be the perfect decision for your black and white bathroom.

A marble bathroom is always a good idea

marble bathroom tiles_marble bathroom ideas

Speaking of timeless classics, we can’t forget to mention the marble bathroom tiles in this list. Marble has always been the material that adds class and luxury to any interior. And you know, you don’t always have to stick to the classic white or grey colour. White marble bathroom tiles will surely create an elegant bathroom design, but if you want to add some energy to it, look for marble tiles in bolder colours.

Striped tiles as a 2023 bathroom trend

bathroom tile trends 2023_striped bathroom

In 2023, homeowners are quickly falling in love with the stylish and sophisticated look of striped bathroom tiles. Offering an updated take on the traditional subway tile, these long, narrow tiles add depth and character to bathrooms of all sizes. Striped bathroom tiles can be used alone or combined with other types of tile for a unique look. If you’re looking for something more vibrant, try pairing striped tiles in shades of blues, greens, or even yellows. These colours offer a cheerful yet sophisticated look that will brighten up any bathroom.

Bathroom tile trends 2023: Geometrics

geometric bathroom tiles_bathroom trends

For bathroom tile trends in 2023, there has also been a lot of interest towards geometric shapes. This style of tile work allows you to experiment and use your creativity. The geometric tile design can be applied to your walls, or floor. You can opt for an even bolder look by pairing a geometric tiled floor with a tropical print wallpaper. This bathroom design will definitely stun your guests.

Subway bathroom tiles are so in this year

bathroom tile trends 2023_subway tiles

Another classic and stylish option for a bathroom tile design are the already-mentioned subway tiles. This tile work adds a unique touch to a space and can easily be combined with deep and vibrant colours. With subway tiles, you can make many different artistic choice in your bathroom. Whether you go with classic white subway tiles or opt for a more daring color, they are sure to add character to your bathroom.

Texture really is everywhere in 2023

2023 bathroom trends_bathroom trends

Another big trend for interior design in 2023 is the focus toward incorporating texture. Textured and decorative bathroom tiles are set to catch the eye of a lot of homeowners this year. They add interest, artistry, and dimension to a space, especially those which are more detailed. Depending on the texture design, some of this tile artwork can even reflect light and cast shadows.

Whether you’re looking for a bold and modern design or something more classic and timeless, these bathroom tile trends for 2023 have you covered. With so many options to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect tile to give your bathroom a stylish upgrade.

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