Curly bob hair: Ideas for hairstyles for the girls with natural curls!

by Gabby

Are you feeling this “new year, new me” type of vibes? Well, there is nothing better than changing your hair and starting on a good note! Having a well-designed curly hair is ultra hot! But behind the scenes, that’s not quite the case. Between frizz, ultra-dry lengths, knots and misplaced volume, sporting perfectly styled natural curls quickly becomes a chore. However, there is nothing better to structure them than a well-chosen and well-made curly bob hair. I know bob can sound a little scary since it requires cutting your hair. But after all, who says curly girls can’t afford it? Let’s see what are the best hairstyles!

Curly bob hair: Ideas for hairstyles for the girls with natural curls!

curly hair bob hairstyle trends 2023 natural curls ideas

When it comes to bob hairstyles, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Will it go with your face shape? How to style it? Its best advantage is that, depending on the variations, it can adapt to any shape of the face and any desire. But what about the nature of the hair? Straight hair lends itself perfectly to a bob cut…but so does curly hair. It is a myth that curly girlies cannot wear bob, because it does not go with natural girls. One of the trendiest hairstyles of 2023 will be the bob. If you have a natural curly hair, don’t be afraid to try it out! I will show you a few of my favorite looks for you to choose from.

Curly bob hair with curtain fringe

curly bob hair with curtain fringe how to style your curls natural


No, bangs aren’t just for straight-haired girls anymore. Retro chic, wisely sexy and absolutely timeless, the “curtain bang” now sublimates all types of hair: straight and wavy, short and long, thin and thick. However, when you have curly or frizzy hair, it can get a little more complicated. In order not to say no to the fringe, it is obligatory to comb your hair before going to work. Because after a good night’s sleep, the curls no longer have any spring, the volume is misplaced and the frizz is there. The best way to fix it is definitely using your fingers to style it and a little bit of water.

Ginny Miller hairstyle

ginny miller haircut bob curly hair style trends 2023 ideas

Netflix has recently come up with Season two of Ginny and Georgia, and let me tell you it became a huge hit. I have to mention Ginny Miller hairstyle, which is a bob for curly hair. It perfectly highlights her facial features and is very suitable for both teens and adults. If you have such natural curls, you won’t need to use heat for styling which will keep your hair healthy. The way Ginny wears it in the series is certainly inspiring and different. Another thing that became a trend from the show was Ginny and Georgia outfits. There are many iconic looks, especially Georgia Miller wedding dress.

Curly square bob

curly square bob how to style it hairstyles ideas 2023 trendy

With the curly square we can afford different hairstyles. You can either let your hair express itself freely by betting on a gradient for an airy and light look, or use a little bit of styling gel. Many girls decide to adopt a curly and layered square cut, which allows them to play with the natural volume of the hair. To create the desired effect, simply smooth the roots, then lightly comb the curly ends with a comb. This hairstyle is unusual, elegant and unique, and perfect for special occasions!

Short curly bob hair

short curly bob hair hairstyle how to maintain it steps ideas

You are still afraid to cut your hair and transform your hairstyle into a beautiful bob? Your natural curls are ready for it, just look at this short curly bob! How to maintain it, you may ask? Contrary to popular belief, the curly bob cut is relatively easy to maintain. Because it grows more slowly than a smooth bottleneck square, a salon appointment every 2–3 months is enough to preserve its beauty. How to work your curls? Well, it depends on their type. Soft waves can choose sprays that don’t weigh the hair down. If you are worrying about the volume, you can give your hair a natural one by some home remedies and tricks.

curly bob hairstyle hair how to maintain it is bob cut good for curly hair

Is bob cut good for curly hair?

Are you wondering if a bob cut is right for your curly hair? Of course it is, with the right layers and the right styling you can achieve amazing results. It’s no coincidence that bob hairstyles are one of the top choices for 2022 and will continue to be a trend in 2023. It will certainly enhance your look by giving texture and natural volume to your hair.

What are the hairstyles that you MUST try?

curly bob hairstyles for natural frizzy hair how to manitan it idea volume

Pixie bob cut for curly hair 

pixie bob cut for curly hair easy ideas 2023 trends

Curtain fringe curly bob hairstyle

curly hair curtain fringe bob easy to maintain style it with the right products

Square bob for curly hair 

square bob hairstyle curly hair new trends 2023

Short bob for curly hair

short bob for curly afro hair hairstyles 2023 trends

Short bob hairstyle with layers and bangs 

short bob for curly hair with layers and bangs style 2023

Long curly plunging bob with side bangs

women hairstyle 2023 wavy curly bob hair degraded square how to wear it

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