Curtains for living room: Tips for choosing curtains and inspiring living room ideas!

by Anjelina

Even if you spend hours searching for the right furniture to achieve a stylish and cozy interior, without curtains it will look somewhat unfinished. It’s especially important to choose the right curtains for the living room, as we often spend a lot of time there with our family or guests. It is this part of our home that requires special attention when decorating because we would like to achieve a soft and informal atmosphere, as this room is meant for relaxation, comfort and socializing. Properly chosen curtains can be both a great addition and the main accent of the room. To help you make the right choice when it comes to curtains for living room, we will give you some basic tips and inspire you with beautiful ideas!

Tips for choosing curtains for living room

interesting curtain design matches pictures on walls

We’ve picked the best tips for choosing curtains for the living room, because it turns out that there are a lot of things worth paying attention to in order to make the best possible choice. If you select all the decor elements correctly and stick to one style, this is considered the first step towards creating a harmonious and comfortable living room space. Here are the other things worth considering:

1. The color of curtains and walls can be similar, but not exactly the same.
2. Peach or terracotta curtains suit any wall color.
3. Find the balance – neutral wall colors will go with brighter or patterned curtains and vice versa – stick to more neutral colors for the drapes if your walls are a bright color.
4. The bigger the room and the higher the ceiling, the more colorful and patterned the curtains can be.
5. The smaller the room, the simpler the curtain design should be.
6. The use of fabrics in two colors visually expands the space.

How can I brighten my living room with curtains?

If you want to brighten your living room, choose light fabrics. Heavy curtains usually make the room darker due to the fact that they make it harder to fill the space with natural light. In addition, stick to light colors such as white, cream or yellow, which will not only let the light through more easily, but will also make the room look more spacious.

Curtains according to style

light warm shades for curtains soft brown color


Nowadays, we notice a wide variety of products, including curtains, of course. There is a wide choice of fabrics, colors and patterns on the market, which sometimes instead of helping, further confuses people. This is because the samples look great in the store, yet we find it hard to imagine how they would look in our living room. That’s why it’s necessary to go for a certain style, and this way it will be easier to make your choice.

Modern living room

modern living room gray curtains monochrome

Modern interior of living rooms involves curtains in neutral shades such as white, beige, sandy, gray or other pastel colors. Also, curtains are of medium density, often in a single color, without lace. The combination of semi-transparent light curtains and darker, heavier ones is common, as they of course have clean patterns that suit contemporary interiors.

Rustic style

rustic style living room patterned curtains semi transparent

Do you love nature? So do we! The rustic style is capturing more and more hearts and is becoming one of the preferred styles in interior design. If this is your choice, your living room will most likely need curtains with matching ethnic motifs, embroidery or calm floral patterns. You could also do a combination of two types of monochrome curtains – a thinner and a thicker one, which would also look quite nice! The fabrics should be natural, so jute, unbleached linen, cotton, burlap are all suitable here. Frills, lace and crochet items are also quite welcome.

Classic style

classic style choosing curtains for living room

If you love classic interiors, whose layout is usually symmetrical and creates a sense of traditional design reliability and luxury, you would do well to choose solid curtains in nice, more expensive fabrics. Satin, velvet and jacquard are perfectly suitable. As for the colors, of course, you have to match them to the interior, but curtains with woven gold or silver threads are often very suitable and blend in wonderfully with the rest of the furniture (picture frames, chandeliers, etc.).

Provence style

Provence style cute romantic floral patterened curtains upholstery

The Provence style is suitable for everyone who wants to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere at home. If you have chosen it, you will probably like openwork curtains or French curtains falling in soft waves. When it comes to colors, you should go for soft pastel tones (mint green, light gray, cream, lavender) and it’s also not out of the question to pick (we even recommend it) an unobtrusive floral print to match the color of the walls or upholstery.

Curtains for living room – Photo Gallery

patterned curtains go well with cushion red green white gray

Long heavy gray curtains

brighten living room with curtains light colors

Romantic patterned curtains that match the cushions

cute floral accents patterned curtains go well with cushion

Modern long teal curtains

teal pearl long curtains gray walls and furniture

Light colors for bright living room

curtains for living room two colors bright room

White and brown combination

white and brown curtain combination for modern look

Yellow, blue and gray curtains 

blue yellow gray heavy curtains match the wallpapers

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