The simple beauty of burlap curtains – natural tones in the interior

by Kremy

elegant home decor eco friendly curtains burlap color

Burlap curtains are getting more and more popular as many people begin to look for simple, natural and uncomplicated materials. To many of you the idea of such fabric and elegant interior will sound as a kind of misunderstanding but we have chosen a collection of beautiful example to show you how it can be a fantastic window treatment.

How to use eco-friendly burlap curtains in the interior design?

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By definition this is a fabric woven from the skin of the jute and you may also find it under that name. The fabric is simple, rough and many people think of it as a material for potato sacks which is unsuitable for modern valances and window decoration. The truth is that burlap is widely used in rustic decors and various crafts and lately for adorable burlap curtains. The increasing popularity of the material is based on its low price and great potential for use in the interior.

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The natural origin of the material, its ecological purity and the unobtrusive color are warmly accepted and highly valued form homeowners. In addition, the material is excellent for DIY projects and with just a little imagination and creativity, you can have unique drapes to complement your home.

What are the advantages of burlap curtains?

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When we talk about burlap curtains, we have to point out the fact that they can be used in any room and offer a great deal of advantages. On the first place, the visual aesthetics that the fabric offers are really great. Its natural color is light brown, but it can be painted and the market offers a variety of colors – purple, black, blue, green, yellow, white, red, etc. Burlap is a very durable material, resistant to wear and tear and will serve you for many years. The low cost is another advantage as you can have unique curtains on a limited budget.

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