50 window valance curtains for the interior design of your home

by Kremy

white silk waterfall valances beautiful finish accents

Window treatment is an important part of the interior design. Curtains can add drama, style, elegance, royal glamour or a modern touch to your home. The valance is a short and decorative drape of the curtains framing only the top part of the window. Originally, the main function of the valance was the need to hide all the mounting and fixtures. Today, however, a window decorated with a valance completes the overall appearance of the room and creates a unique atmosphere. When choosing the valance you need to take into account the design of your room, the size and shape of the window and the types of textiles. The variety of colors, patterns and styles may be confusing when you start looking so we collected 50 examples of window valance curtains to give you some ideas how to decorate your home in style.patterns and styles


Window valance patters will offer you an enormous number of choices – a combination of curtains and draperies, tied together at the sides, covering the whole glass, folded or simple, richly draped as a scarf, in classic or modern style – curtains and valances most certainly shall not remain unnoticed. Besides the decoration role and curtains have a practical part – to provide some privacy and give us the possibility to control the amount of light. In addition to that, curtains may come of help is you needed to hide some defects in a room or to emphasize its great sides.

window ideas types of scheme

window valance patterns ideas

beautiful sunflower motif kitchen window valance

Arranging a kitchen window valance is the easiest and most affordable way to transform your kitchen. You can change the look of your kitchen with a new valance and create a focal point. One thing you need to keep in mind is that kitchen valances are not supposed to block natural light. On the contrary – whatever their design is, their role is more decorative and natural light should be allowed in the room.

kitchen valances ideas merry chef

Girls bedroom pink patterned open shelves

No matter what the decor is, no room is finished without a window treatment! Such a design in the nursery or the kids’ room can be a wonderful addition to your baby bedding set or create a magic fairy land for your little princess. Romantic and charming curtains give you the opportunity to use your imagination and make sure that your little one grows up surrounded by love and care.

traditional living room design beautiful window valance curtains

Scarf valances are an effortless way to add texture and elegance to your living room. You may go for a scarf valance which matches or contrasts with your curtains or simply use a scarf valances in several layers. Balloon valances add an interesting style if you want a uniquely shaped curtain valances for your living room. With distinctive rounded edges and spectacular appearance, such valance designs can complement existing drapes or hang alone over thin horizontal blinds. Balloon valances work particularly well in bay windows. Swag valances will add a classic look in your living room. These valance designs are really graceful. The difference between swag valances and scarf valances, is the fabric. Swag valances are made of thicker material. Enjoy the gallery below and find your own perfect design!

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traditional window idea girls bedroom design

nursery room window curtain valances with fresh flower decoration

romantic white scarf nursery room decoration ideas

nursery room interior design pale blue window valance

Kids teens window treatments curtains ideas valances for windows butterfly motif

kids bedroom decoration ideas pink green window valance

girls shabby chic bedroom idea balloon valance for window seating

colorful window green pink girls bedroom design ideas

Childs bedroom balloon window

balloon for windows kids room decoration ideas

kitchen window valance ideas floral motif

kitchen for windows ideas green white pattern

crochet for windows ideas kitchen window treatment

beautiful kitchen window valace design combined with curtains

for bay windows ideas

traditional kitchen window ideas white kitchen kabinets

Dining room valances for windows classic pattern

curtain for windows ideas yellow white pattern kitchen window

Black and white valances for windows kitchen window treatment

balloon valance curtain for kitchen white yellow colors

arabesque valances for widnows kitchen window treatment

window treatment ideas valance curtains design

red waterfall valance style rich drapery

beautiful window valance curtains rich drapery bedroom living room window decoration ideas

Window valance curtains in beige and pink living room ideas

window valance curtains elegant living room decoration

white satin valance curtains for living room floral motif

valances for living room ideas cornice valance rich curtains

Valance curtains for living room ideas white beige brown accents

traditional window valance gray curtains living room design ideas

Traditional living room valance design idea

traditional living room interior spectacular valance curtains

spectacular green living room decoration

red white curtains design living room design ideas

purple living room decorating ideas

luxurious red drape curtains living room area divider

gorgeous family room spectacular

Elegant living room treatment ideas

Curtains for living room ideas white red curtains

beautiful curtains for windows in earthy colors

blue swag curtains white living room furniture

black and white curtains bedroom design

red velvet curtains luxury bedroom

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