Interior storm windows – protect yourself from the weather

by Kremy

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Interior storm windows are a great way to increase the insulation of the existing windows and are a great option for homeowners living in areas with cold climate.

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By definition, these are an additional window sash which protects the window from drafts, driving rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, storm winds,etc. This is a good way to add a protective layer to the home. The name suggest that they are designed to resist bad weather.

Why should you install interior storm windows?

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Installing interior storm windows is a good option when, for some reason, you cannot install them outside. You do not need to replace the existing ones but just add a protective layer.

What are the advantages of interior storm window?

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On the first place, they significantly reduce drafts and greatly improve the thermal insulation of the house. This means that you will have a much better energy efficiency and will cut the heating costs without compromising the original appearance of your house. This is a significant consideration for homeowners who live in historic homes and need to preserve the look, specific character and charm of the building.

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Installing additional window insulation will add to the value of your property. Moreover, these windows are easy to install (or remove, if necessary) as they are made to fit inside existing ones. The extra thermal barrier adds to the lifespan of the old window structures as it is not only a support but helps to reduce the condensation.

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Another benefit is the significant reduction of outside noises which means that you will have a better sound insulation. People who live near busy streets will benefit greatly from this.

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Versatility and affordable price tag are probably among the most important advantages. You can find a variety of styles and models to match the storm windows with the existing decor of your home. The cost of replacing old ones can be really high and whether you are on a tight budget or not, installing interior storm windows is a cost effective option to reinforce the existing ones so that they withstand harsh weather conditions.

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In terms of maintenance interior storm windows require less maintenance than the exterior counterpart simply because they are not exposed to the elements.

Disadvantages of interior storm windows

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There are a number of considerations which you need to keep in mind when choosing interior storm windows. On the first place you may have difficulties when you need to clean them.

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Most often they are made of acrylic or plastic glass which is easy to scratch. As they do block air flow you may need to remove them in warmer season if you want to enjoy natural air and have a better air circulation. The magnetic seals will need to be replaced over time so you need to check their condition.


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