What are soundproof curtains and how do they work?

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Soundproof curtains will be very useful to people who have problems with noise, whether it is a busy street or noisy neighbors. In addition these curtains will help you muffle the sounds and improve the acoustics in any room, for example your home cinema or home studio.


What are soundproof curtains?


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Soundproof curtains are made of heavy thick fabric and are especially designed and used in residential or specialized areas to reduce the noise level. Most often soundproofing curtains are made of molton, but if you plan to get ones for your home, you should know that velvets and satine can be used as well. Many people use such curtains in bedrooms as they muffle the sounds and provide a peaceful and quiet interior for a better rest. There are many stores that offer soundproofing curtains and you can choose from different fabrics, thickness and colors so that the curtains match your interior design. It is possible to order your curtains so that they will be crafted according to the individual measurements.


How to make soundproof curtains by ourselves?


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Sometimes noisy neighbors and loud sounds coming from the street can turn a life in the apartment into a nightmare. One of the easiest solutions to block or mute unwanted noise is to sew soundproof curtains. There is an option to craft professional curtains to insulate the noise, which usually consist of with a thick layer of wool sandwiched between decorative fabrics. The easier way is to buy thick fabric and sew the curtains by yourself. Measure the height and width of the windows or doors, or walls which you want to cover. Double the width measurement and make sure you have enough of fabric to fold the edges. After your curtains are ready hang them with the help of curtain clip rings.


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