Chinese New Year decorations – a traditional home decor

by Kremy

chinese new year traditional home decorations

The biggest and most popular holiday of the year in China and for the Chinese communities all over the world is New Year. According to the lunar calendar it falls on January or February, when it’s the end of the cold winter. That is why the holiday is also called the Feast of Spring. There are traditional Chinese New Year decorations which people use at home, indoor and outdoor, so that to invite the festive mood and good fortune in their homes.

traditional Chinese New Year decorations red decorations lantern


Chinese New Year decorations are traditionally in red. Red color symbolizes fire, which according to legend can drive away misfortune and is associated with good luck and happiness. People wear red clothes, write poems on red paper, craft red decorative items and give “luck money” in red envelopes to the children.

Chinese New Year home decorations traditional red colors

Red lanterns and luck knots are a typical decoration for the Chinese New Year and you will see them everywhere. A few days before the event, department stores, official buildings, office buildings and streets will be decorated with red lanterns and red couplets.

Chinese New Year decorations festive table setting centerpiece ideas

Festive wall embellishments are traditional and people like to use intricate paper patterns as home decor as well. Traditional Chinese New Year decoration ideas include generously filled with trays of oranges and tangerines, placing them in different parts of the house. Each dish should be no more and no less than 8 fruits. The number eight is a symbol of longevity and infinite good.

beautiful traditional chinese new year home decoration ideas fresh blossoms money

Fruits and flowers are very often used as decoration and each fruit or flower has a special meaning. If this is a melon, for example, it means that the whole year will be healthy for the occupants of the home, while watermelon seeds symbolize happiness. If you decorate with lotus flowers, one would expect a new member to the family. Peony is considered as the flower of wealth and good luck and, therefore, is a favorable decoration.

traditional-Chinese outdoor decoration ideas red gold

blossoming tree branches

home decoration table centerpiece blossoming branches

home decoration gold

clanterns dragon festive dinner

home decorations traditional colors red gold

year symbol traditional colors

traditional colors and symbols

party decoration red lanterns table decor

flowers red envelopes luck money

festive table decor red gold

dinner party table setting ideas

stylish table decoration centerpiece ideas


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