Turquoise curtains – great ideas for modern decoration in every room

by Kremy

turquoise living room curtains round glass top coffee table white living room

Turquoise is a color that is gaining popularity for several reasons. One of the reasons is that it evokes memories and dreams for tropical islands and warm summer days and the other reason is that the color gives a pleasant freshness to the room. The color is beautiful by itself but works wonderfully in many combinations with other colors. Turquoise curtains are a great choice when designing the interiors and we will show you some great ideas for the different rooms of the apartment.


Turquoise curtains as a color accent in the interior


romantic bedroom design turquoise bedding and curtains


Although many people are afraid to use this strong and original color, there is no need to be afraid of turquoise. It offers versatility and blends with other shades that are basic in most designs. Of course, you should be careful not to overdo it, but this rule applies to any other color choice. Turquoise is a mixture of green and blue, which, depending on the dominant shade, may look right, warm or cold. There is a common misunderstanding that turquoise curtains are only suitable for beach style interiors and are not quite certain how to use interior design curtains as an accent. On the contrary, they can be used in various design styles and create a very special atmosphere in different rooms of the house. If you think that those curtains are too extravagant for your home, you could opt for different patterns where turquoise color is used only as an accent.


Turquoise curtains and interior color schemes


hookless turquoise curtains living room curtains design ideas

Turquoise curtains are the perfect complement to white color and interiors in white. The result is a soft yet elegant style, suitable for any room. Pink and yellow combined with turquoise will make the room very bright and cheerful and the combination is suitable for kids’ bedrooms. Neutral shades like beige or gray work beautifully with the turquoise palette and are recommended for living room and bedroom interiors. Silver and gold add a luxurious look to the color and if you want to complement your interior design with a regal look, turquoise will certainly have a place in the interior design.


turquoise curtains living room design ideas chevron pattern sofa

turquoise curtains geometric pattern black leather sofa bed


turquoise curtains bedroom decorating ideas wall stripes

turquoise and gray curtains modern living room decor

stylish living room ideas color scheme ideas turquoise curtains

living room decor ideas turquoise curtains black leather sofa

living room color scheme ideas beige sofa turquoise curtains

kids bedroom decorating ideas turquoise curtains

elegant living room classic interior turquoise curtains

elegant interior design-turquoise-curtains-living-room-ideas

dining-room-furniture-ideas-turquoise-curtains-rustic-dining table

bedroom-curtains-turquoise-beige-window-curtains window blinds

modern bedroom white bedroom-furniture-turquoise-curtains



turquoise accent color bathroom decor




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