How to get hair volume naturally? You MUST try these 10 tips that will help you achieve it!

by Gabby

We all dream of midday hair since we know that it is the best accessory for every woman. However, this can be quite difficult to achieve during the winter months as our hair is subjected to cold, wearing hats and what not. How to achieve the va va voom effect and true volumizing with natural products and home remedies? Today, I’m going to show you 10 of the best tips on how to get hair volume naturally!

How to get hair volume naturally?

how to hair volume naturally easy tips and tricks say no to the flat hairs styling ideas for 2023

I have good news for you today! It is that you can achieve the desired volumizing with just a few tricks at home and all of them require almost no effort. Our hair wants constant care to look good. How to get rid of frizzy, lifeless hair? Let’s find out right now!

Scalp massages

scalp massages hair volume blood circulation how to grow your hairs easy tips and tricks


According to studies, massaging the scalp stretches the cells in the hair follicles, increasing hair thickness. As a result, the follicles are stimulated to grow thicker hair. Additionally, it’s hypothesized that massaging the scalp could help widen blood vessels under the skin, promoting hair growth. These are also so good for your blood circulation. Overall scalp massages will ensure your hair will start to look way better and more voluminous. Doing them with your head upside down will be even better!

Say NO to the hot water!

no hot water for the hair bad fall out no volume home remedies

I know we all love to hop into the hot shower after a long day at work. However, it is VERY damaging to our skin and our hair. Your scalp dries up when you use hot water, which can cause itching and dandruff. Your roots get weak from hot water, which causes your hair to become frizzy. In addition, the hair texture can become thinner and the hair is susceptible to breaking. Hot water is terrible for your hair, and can lead to breaking, brittleness, and flyaways. What you can do is shower your body first and don’t wet the hair. After you finish with the hot water, use cool water to damp your hair and shampoo it. Rinse it off with cool water again.

Be upside down when drying your hair

upside down when drying your hair trick to get more volume tips advice

I am pretty sure you already know this trick to voluminous hair. When blow-drying it, try putting your head upside down which will create the perfect volume afterwords. It will last really long and you won’t have to style the hair applying heat again. You can use your hand to scrunch it gently to add more volume if you have curly hair.

Say BYE to your regular towel!

why should you use microfiber towel and not the regular one hair volume tricks and tips

Have you heard how damaging your regular towel is to your hair? The stiff texture itself can very easily lead to breakage of the hair shaft and you can start losing hair. Also, drying with such a towel can reduce volume and lead to frizzy hair. For this, microfiber towels are our salvation. They are gentle, don’t cause frizz and absorb moisture from the hair without excessively drying it. It will minimize the tangles in your hair and will help you to achieve the volume that you want.

Hair vitamins

hair vitamins that you should add to your personal diet on regular basis grow and volume

If your hair is dry and prone to frizz, thin and lifeless, then you can’t hope to have volume. But how to prevent this? Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water is not always enough. Our bodies need that extra pressure to function properly. This will be done by taking hair vitamins that contain Biotin. They will make your hair shiny, healthy and voluminous!

How to hair volume naturally? Use hair rollers!

hair rollers for volume no heat easy way to achieve shiny tips and tricks

Using hair rollers is also one of my favorite tricks. Just slightly dampen your hair and put them on. While you’re using them, you can do chores around the house or do other treatments. No need to use a blow-dryer or any heat. Wait until your hair is dry and remove them. You will see the difference in volume!

How to get hair volume naturally? Sleep on a silk pillowcase!

sleep on silk pillow case how to achieve hair volume with natural home remedies

Frizz in your hair is the biggest enemy of volume. How to avoid and prevent it? Just use a silk pillowcase. Using a silk pillowcase to sleep on lessens friction caused by any tossing and turning because silk is naturally more supple than other textiles, such as cotton. This has a lot of advantages for having healthier hair such as no frizz and a fewer hair breakages.

Switch the parts of your hair: This will get you hair volume naturally!

switch parts of your hair really important for having volume healthy tips and tricks

Believe it or not but changing your hair part from time to time can be very healthy for your hair. Why you may ask? The longer you wear your hair on one side, the more your hair gets dull and weights down which leads to no volume at all.

Put conditioner only on the ends of your hair!

put conditioner only on the ends of your hair for volume and no friziness tips and tricks

The conditioners are only for the ends of your hair. Absolutely avoid to condition your entire hair since this can lead to no volume at all!

Use volumizing products with natural ingredients!

natural products for hair volume organic easy tips and tricks how to have healthy hairs

If you want to still style your hair and give it more volume, make sure to use only natural products or organic ones. Avoid buying things that you would normally at the drug store, since these products contain chemicals that will damage the hair in the long term. If you want another advice on how to grow your hair and make it shiny and voluminous, try this rice hair water recipe that will change your life.

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