Reasons Why Amish Furniture is a Perfect Investment

by Kremy

Amish furniture is made from solid wood, handcrafted with traditional tooling. Thanks to that care and skill, it can last for a long time if properly maintained. Furniture that lasts is often passed down generations or sold to consignment centers if no one wants or can pick up the piece. As with any highly desirable item, a secondary market for Amish furniture exists. Thanks to that market and craftsmanship, Amish furniture can make for an unusual investment opportunity.

Furniture investment is real

dining room furniture ideas wooden table and chairs

Your first thought about making use of solid wood furniture as an investment is that it’s a silly idea. While the concept might seem strange, making use of tangible goods for investment is nothing new. Classic cars, vintage vinyl, and classic baseball cards are just a few examples of items used for investing. They have their regular collectors, sure, but for some, physical goods make for better options than stocks, bonds, or stuffing the money under their mattress.

More than money

wooden bench in corridor solid durable furniture

Besides the financial aspects, there are other reasons to shell out for Amish furniture. The pieces are renowned for their quality and durability, meaning if you take care of them, they will take care of you. It’s hard to knock the value of a comfortable chair, table, or bed, after all.

Investing in Amish furniture like the sort found at isn’t just about money. When you buy quality furniture, you are investing in your health, personal comfort, and state of mind. All of that is worth a lot, though not always in easily tangible ways.

Unique quality

living room solid wood coffee table

We’ve discussed the quality of Amish furniture a lot, but it’s an important part of the investment concept, both in terms of personal health and from a financial standpoint. Since each piece is handcrafted using traditional tooling and techniques, Amish furniture is as much a work of art as it is a functional piece. This is a big part of why such furniture is such a great investment possibility.

Lasting style and wood

wooden chest of drawers Amish furniture advantages

Solid wood furniture lasts. Unlike metal or plastic pieces that can easily snap, bend, or crack, Amish furniture will stick around if maintained. There is a reason solid wood furniture lasting centuries can be found in homes, mansions, and museums, after all. That same lasting quality can be used for investing, not only financially but also in passing down memories and functional furniture for later generations.

The lasting quality is combined with timeless designs. Amish furniture is usually made with a simple design in mind, more or less unchanged for hundreds of years. They favor sleek, simple styles with minimal decoration to accentuate functionality. As a result, Amish furniture looks great with pretty much any décor, further bolstering the investment potential.

Secondary markets

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A lot of stuff can be bought used or never before opened. Such items are readily available through secondary markets on sites such as ebay, Facebook, and even consignment stores and the like. Discounted furniture at Amish Furniture Factory is an excellent example of this sort of market. Secondary markets thrive with products that sell well and can turn a profit. In other words, such items are a great example of potential investment opportunities.

The risk with secondary markets is overpaying for the item. In a lot of situations, the markup in such deals is often extremely high, rendering profit difficult if not impossible. Over the long term, though, with careful research and patience, it can produce results. For those just looking for a particular item that is no longer in production, it can be worth the extra cost to get exactly what you want.

 Diverse assets

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There’s an important adage with investments of not putting all your eggs in the same basket. Spreading out investments into a variety of methods and finances is a good way to increase potential returns. While a pension, retirement fund, annuity, and the like are all well and good, it’s often a good idea to also invest in physical goods. Most people prefer to buy gold or silver, but there’s no reason you can’t buy furniture as well.

While investing in Amish furniture might seem strange, it has tangible as well as potentially profitable benefits. Besides finances, there are more tangible benefits like comfort, style, and quality of life to consider. At the same time, investment possibilities shouldn’t be ignored.

Physical goods have been used and are used to enhance and diversify an investment portfolio, so there’s no reason not to branch out beyond traditional items for possible returns. The market might be a tricky one to enter, especially when it comes to secondary sources. With the right research and patience, however, Amish furniture can be used to plan for the future, whether from future sales or ensuring your kids have a really nice coffee table to enjoy.


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