Trendy Garden Bed Ideas for Your Outdoor Space – Models, Advantages and Care Tips

by Kremy

To your exterior garden beds are what sofas or beds are to your interior. Indeed, it is a place for rest and relaxation. Moreover, they are can be comfortably placed for relaxing by the pool or in the shade of a tree. You have, in our opinion, only good reasons to get one for your outdoor space. So, we come to the question: which trendy garden bed to choose? The market offers models made of different materials – wood, braided resin, or aluminum. Likewise, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to shape. What if we helped you make the right choice?

Which Trendy Garden Bed to Choose for Your Exterior?

Trendy Garden Bed Ideas for Your Outdoor Space Advantages Care Tips

You have probably chosen sun loungers for your garden. That’s great, but if you have the space, why not treat yourself to a garden bed? How to convince you? First, let’s see why you need one in your home. Then, we will help you make your choice between different models on the market. Finally, to top it off, we will offer you a few maintenance tips.

Why Do You Need a Garden Bed For Your Outdoor Space? What Are the Advantages?

top 3 garden beds 2022


First, the garden bed is the object for relaxation par excellence. Indeed, you can bask while spreading out completely. It’s not quite the same story with a lounger that only gives you one to two positions. With a garden bed you can indulge yourself: on your back, on your stomach, across or even sitting. Perfect for outdoor siestas!

which trendy garden bed model to choose 2022

Likewise, it is the perfect choice for enjoying a romantic or family moment: sunbathing together, chatting in complete privacy, admiring the stars or reading a story to your little one… Not bad, isn’t it? You see, choosing a garden bed for your outdoor space has many advantages. However, beware of sunburn, take your precautions!

Which One to Choose? Look at Our Top 3 Choices!

trendy outdoor canopy bed 2022

There are many different types of garden beds. Let’s try to see more clearly and find the one that suits you best with our top 3 choices. Let’s start with the classic: the canopy bed. This type of bed is timeless and needs no introduction. Such a model offers both wind and sun protection. The market offers wooden or wrought iron models. They have a relatively high price tag, but it is a safe bet that you can use it for many years if you take care of it.

garden bed sofa bed 2022 trends

Next, our second choice: the sofa bed n. This one, like a comfortable indoor sofa bed, is getting more and more popular among homeowners for its practical benefits. Indeed, it is offered with modules to provide more possibilities. In addition, its quality-price ratio is quite unbeatable, of course, depending on the material. There are models for one person that look like a chaise longue and one of the trendiest options in 2022 is the cocoon. This model, which you can find in wicker or wood, is super comfortable for both sleeping and tenting.

How to Maintain Your Trendy Garden Bed?

wooden garden bed maintenance 2022

Good news, the garden bed requires little maintenance. First, everything depends on the structure and material chosen. For woven resin garden beds, a good wash with a jet of water, using a slightly soapy sponge, will be more than enough. It will be the same for outdoor beds made of aluminum. Simple, right? It is wooden garden beds that require a little more care.

clean with water jet the trendy garden bed 2022

Indeed, you are aware that in general, wood requires staining and oiling. This will prevent your furniture from turning gray due to the passage of time. To save you this inconvenience, we recommend that you oil your bed well. In addition, stain it once a year so that it keeps its beautiful wood color as well as its beautiful appearance. For daily care, use a damp sponge. In this way, everything should go well in the most beautiful of gardens. And now, how about tackling your sunburned lawn? That would be the icing on the cake, right?



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