Garden hose storage solutions – take care for your outdoor equipment

by Kremy

wall mounted garden watering hose holders

How to take care of your garden equipment? We selected some of the best garden hose storage solutions which will help you keep the order and, at the same time, have it at hand. Taking care of a garden hose basically involves the daily or weekly manner of using it and the seasonal storage. The lifespan and duration of operation of manual and automatic irrigation systems often depend on how they are stored.

It can be tedious to unwind the garden hose to water the plants in the garden, and then coil it again so that it is not lying tangled in the grass and ruin the beautiful look of your lawn and flower beds. You have to make sure that it is removed from the lawn so as not to accidentally damage it while mowing grass and moreover, you, your children and pets need to move around the garden safely. All this means that the watering hose has to be regularly coiled and uncoiled so you need something handy and comfortable. Let’s be honest, inaccurately coiled hoses do not look very attractive, do they?

wall mounted antler garden hose holder


It is also important to use the hose in the right way – when watering the plants you have to make sure that tit is not dragged along areas where sharp objects are lying around and not drag it on surfaces which may pierce or puncture it. Another consideration that people seldom think about is that their dogs may chew the hose. Isn’t it better to remove the temptation from the eyes of your pet? In addition to all that, you should protect the garden hose from unfavorable environmental factors: too high or low temperatures, direct sunlight, as well as possible damage by rodents or insects. It is necessary to avoid deformation of the hose, which can occur if you store it under heavy objects.


Garden hose storage solutions – take an advice from the experts


wall mounted hose reel compact storage ideas

Without watering hoses, caring for your garden is simply not possible. However, to make sure that you use them as long as possible, it is important to ensure not only the correct operation but also proper conditions for care and storage. So, how to store garden hoses properly ?

Keep the inventory for irrigation in a dry place at a positive temperature, preferably away from rodents and direct sunlight. When using a hose, you need to closely monitor the change in the pressure of the water, so that it does not exceed the permissible standards. Try not to put heavy or sharp objects on the hose to avoid mechanical damage, keep it clean, do not leave it under a tree after use. In summer, when the weather is hot and the hose is not in use, it is better to store it in a shady place in order to avoid direct sunlight. Some materials are susceptible to UV rays damage, so keep that in mind. In cold weather you have to prevent freezing of water in the garden hose.

In case you have more than one hose, they should not be stored in a single pile, since the lower layers can deform under the total weight. It is best to store the hose in its original packaging which will protect it from negative external factors. Storage conditions that do not meet the prescribed requirements of the manufacturer significantly reduce the lifespan. The general requirements are to store them in a cool, dark, dry, preferably ventilated room to avoid deformation and kinks and it will be much easier to use the hose.


Creative garden hose storage solutions and original DIY project ideas

original garden decoration and hose holder

There are many creative garden hose storage solutions, the market offers a huge variety of accessories which can help you not only keep the hose neatly but make these racks, holders and hangers a decorative element in the exterior.

Reels, despite their price, are the best storage solution. There are storage reels with wheels which make it easier to work in the garden. As a DIY option, you can use PVC pipes and make a holder by yourself. Adding wheels to the holder is optional, of course, but for experienced DIY-ers, it is not a problem. Old tire rims are another great idea for a DIY hose storage. You can paint them in any color, mount them on the wall or on a stand, whichever is more convenient for you.

You can use a beautiful copper pot to keep the hose out of sight and the noble sheen of the metal will be a pleasant bonus. Usually such storage pots are manufactured with handles so that you can carry the hose around and holes at the base for easy drainage. A more budget friendly option is a basket, a large enough flower pot (you can make the drainage hole by yourself) and people who are attracted to DIY projects can take the chance to build a wooden bench with storage space or a decorative box with a storage compartment.

Free standing or wall mounted holders are another excellent storage solution and you can choose from numerous ideas and options – wall mounted wrought iron holders are an elegant detail and a beautiful accessory. DIY-ers can buy a pair of plastic antlers and mount them on the wall so that each hose has its own place. Homeowners who prefer a free standing storage can also choose from many options – you can use a PVC pipe and coil the hose around. An old barrel can be both functional storage and add a charming rustic touch to your exterior. A wall mounted metal hook and some chain is a very practical and space saving idea which will cost pennies but will allow you to keep the hoses neatly stored. How about using an old palette as an organizer for your garden tools and equipment? Pallets are easy to find, even for free, and are an excellent budget friendly storage solution.

Enjoy the gallery below and see which garden hose storage solution is best for you!



quick and easy DIY garden hose storage ideas

original DIY tire rim hose storage

how to store and protect garden watering hoses

how to store and protect garden hoses

hose butler watering hose holders ideas

garden hose storage ideas metal reel

Garden decoration practical hose storage ideas

DIY watering hose storage metal hook and chain

DIY hose storage garden decorating ideas

DIY garden watering hose storage from pvc pipes

decorative wall mounted garden watering hose holder

decorative garden hose pots for storage

creative diy watering hose storage solutions pvc pipes

cheap DIY storage ideas for garden watering hoses

cheap and easy DIY garden storage solutions


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