Countertop paint ideas – give a new look to the dated work surface

by Kremy

how to facelift your kitchen paint the countertops

Sooner or later, everything gets old and the countertop is no exception. What can you do if your kitchen cabinets may still look fine but the work surface is worn or damaged? You can try to update it by yourself and take advantage of some countertop paint ideas that we selected for you!

Over time, even the most durable and reliable furniture loses its attractive appearance. The fact that your laminate or solid wood countertop looks scratched and worn out does not mean that it should go to the trash! Replacing it may cost a small fortune, right? Giving a completely new look to your old countertop comes out much cheaper than buying a new one. How to give a new look to the countertop in the kitchen? Get some paint and get busy!

Countertop paint ideas – what type to choose?

countertop paint DIY kitchen renovation ideas


When we talk about countertop paint ideas, the first question that comes to mind is – what kind to buy? Different types can be used and it all depends on the final result that you expect. Here are some options:

  • Alkyd enamel is oil based paint. It stays on the surface for a long time, it is not toxic and dries up pretty quickly. Enamel paint forms a hard, usually glossy finish and can be applied with a brush or you can opt for a spray.
  • Water-based acrylic paints – this is perhaps the best option. They retain their original shade and thickness of coating for a long time and literally dry out within an hour. These are not toxic, which is very important for kitchen furniture, which is constantly in contact with food.
  • If the countertop is made of natural wood, it is better not to use any paint at all, but to stain it or to give a more pronounced texture with oil. This option is the safest in terms of hygiene.

Countertop paint ideas – creative ideas for original designs

countertop paint ideas refisnish laminate kitchen countertops

Once you chose the paint you may think of giving a new look to your worktop. One of the options is paint it but if you feel like adding some flair, you can use stencils and create something really unique. If everything is done carefully, the new decor will make the interior of the kitchen original and respectable, and you will have to spend a minimum of money.

kitchen remodel countertop paint with stencil ideas

With the help of stencils it is possible to realize practically any idea and this method will not be costly. You can update the countertop in the kitchen using this simple technique and you can find and print the motifs that you like, cut out the pattern on thick cardboard or buy stencils from a craft store.

diy kitchen remodel ideas faux granite countertops paint

You will need:

  • Acrylic paint;
  • Stencil;
  • A brush or a sponge.


how to paint wood countertops

Step 1 – Wash the worktop thoroughly and degrease it.

Step 2 – Paint the countertop in the main color and let it dry completely.

Step 3 – Place the stencil and apply the color with a sponge, gently blotting the stencil. Instead of a sponge you can use a brush. Make sure that the sponge is not soaked with paint as it will leak under the stencil. When finished, let the surface dry completely.



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