Easy, Affordable & Unique DIY Bedside Tables Ideas + Instructions

by Kristiyana

Easy, Affordable & Unique DIY Bedside Tables Ideas + Instructions

diy bedside table ideas

Today, Deavita.net’s editorial team is going to provide you with budget-friendly and unique DIY bedside tables ideas that even beginner crafters can make! You will learn how to repurpose simple kitchen items and use leftover wood scraps you have to your advantage. Scroll down to find the DIY bedside table design of your dreams!

DIY Timber Stained Striped Bedside Table

bedside table made with cutting boards idea

Create your own original wooden stained striped bedside table with just a few pieces of timber wood! This chic furniture piece will not only give you the option of acquiring a useful and cheap furniture piece, but looks super chic and will add style to any room you place it in. The process of creating this cool DIY bedside table involves cutting four timber wood pieces, creating the striped design with the help of tape and paint, and assembling the table. To make it more secure, you will also need to use small leftover pieces of wood and screws to attach the boards to one another. Use gloss varnish to make your bedside table even more beautiful!

Tip: If you don’t want to bother with cutting wood and making a big mess, try repurposing old cutting boards to make this table! Or if you don’t have any, I am sure IKEA will have some cheap alternatives.

Stylish No Drawer Bedside Table Idea

cheap diy nightstand

Why not make a stylish no drawer bedside table where you can place your books or nightly cups of tea? To make this unique bedside table you will simply need a measuring tape, any wood decor paint and brush, wood sander, power drill, four hairpin legs, screws, any wood glue and four pieces of wood. Attach the wood pieces together to create the box with help of the wood glue. Leave the glue to dry by following the manufacture’s instructions. Then drill in screws to make the table box even more secure. Once you’ve attached all pieces of the table box, sand it over to make it nice and smooth. Now paint the box. Let the paint dry, then proceed to attach the hairpin legs with the drill. All done!

Cheap DIY Nightstand with Wooden Breadbins

breadbin bedside table

This is my favorite DIY bedside table idea by far! It will cost you close to nothing, and it involves almost no work at all! You simply need two wooden bread bins, some paint, wood glue, and scraps of small wood to create legs for your new original bedside table. Attach the two bread bins together with the help of the wood glue and leave it to dry per the manufacturer’s instructions. Once this is done, paint the bread bins in a color of your choice. Leave the paint to dry. Use four small pieces of wood to assemble four leg for each side of the bread bins table box. Secure the legs with screws and a drill. Voilà! You have your new very cheap and chic bedside table!

Rattan Repurposed Bedside Table with Ikea Hacks

repurposed ikea table as nightstand

If you already have a plain, old side table on your hands, but want to give it a fresh new look, why not try this neat IKEA hack with rattan? Create a cheap Boho bedside table for your stylish bedroom interior! Watch the YouTube video tutorial below provided by Aiman Ariff Khairuddin to see how it’s done in a few simple steps!

Unique DIY Bedside Tables: Antique Bobbin Idea

unique bedside table with kitchen cutting boards

Want something a bit more retro or even antique for your bedroom interior? Create your own original bobbin bedside table! All you will need is three bigger pieces of timber to create the round panels, and smaller ones to create the attachments. Simply assemble the pieces one by one with the help of wood glue, and where you can, screws and a drill. You can leave the table bare for a more rustic appeal, or give it a fresh coat of paint, the choice is up to you!

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