15 Easy DIY Small Scrap Wood Projects for the Weekend

by Kristiyana

What can I do with small wood scraps? Are there any simple DIY small scrap wood projects that even beginner crafters can easily make? 

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all the leftover wood lying around your house, garage, or workshop, you’ve come just to the right place! Take up one or more of these easy, yet unique 15 DIY small scrap wood projects during your free time or over the weekend to create something practical and beautiful that will last!

Easy DIY Small Scrap Wood Projects for the Weekend

diy small scrap wood projects cup holder

At my house, we were taught to never throw anything away if you could think of a way to use it later in your time. This is one of the main points that brings me to today’s article! Putting into use leftover materials to create something that would serve a new purpose is one of the most pleasant feelings in my opinion! Some of the wood craps crafts listed here will make your life so much more comfortable that you will be wondering how did you ever exist and function without them!

Useful & Comfortable DIY Small Scrap Wood Lap Desk

diy small wood scrap lap desk

Often when working on my articles, I get tired of sitting at the table and just wish I could work from my bed. But for those of you who have tried it, you know it’s not as convenient as you would wish it to be. Well, not anymore! With a DIY lap desk made from just a couple of boards, you can comfortably work on your laptop without having to even get up from the bed!

Chic & Simple Scrap Wood Earring Organizer Project

scrap wood earring organizer project

I have an abundance of pairs of earrings, but often they get all tangled up with one another, and I have to refrain from wearing them as I don’t have the time to untangle them all. But with this chic and simple DIY small scrap wood earring organizer project, I think my problem will finally be solved! Don’t you?

Pretty & Practical Lanterns Made from Scraps of Wood

diy scrap wood lanterns project

Why not create a pretty DIY decoration for your porch that can also serve as a source of light? Put the leftover scraps of wood you have into good use and build a wooden lantern that can even be used for special occasions such as weddings or garden parties.

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Creative DIY Small Scrap Wood Projects: Chess Board

diy scrap wood chess board creative project

For someone who doesn’t mind investing more time and effort in a weekend project, this small wood scraps chess board is certainly one of the most creative and original ideas I have laid my eyes on. Personally, I wouldn’t have the patience to do this, but if I did, it could serve as a great gift, wouldn’t you agree?

Beautiful & Unique Wooden Coasters DIY Project

diy wooden coasters

Now here is something that absolutely everyone can make! A colorful and aesthetically-pleasing wooden coaster can be your new chic addition to your home interior! You can even go with a simple design if you prefer something more minimalist, or go all out. They can serve as great homemade gifts as well.

More Creative DIY Small Scrap Wood Projects Ideas

outdoor scrap wood project birdhouse

Picture or mirror frames made from scraps of wood

diy wooden picture mirror frames

DIY wooden dog bowl holder project

diy scrap wood dog bowl holder

Simple charcuterie board made from leftover wood

diy wood charcuterie board

Simple scrap wood ideas: DIY spice rack 

small wood scarps spice rack project

Charming homemade wooden Christmas ornaments

diy small wooden pieces christmas ornaments

Make a mason jar organizer from leftover wood

scrapw wood ideas 2023 jar holders

Beautiful sun wall art from small scraps of wood

small wood scarps wall art

DIY spices shakers from small scraps of wood 

small pieces of scrap wood projects salt and pepper spices shakers

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