Balcony Bed Ideas – Pros, Cons and Considerations for Outdoor Sleeping

by Kremy

Summer is a wonderful time of the year! We get more sun, more relaxation, more positive emotions and more time outdoors. Have you thought of having a bed on the balcony? Doesn’t it sound romantic to be able lying down under the stars? Have a look at these balcony bed ideas which will help you use your outdoor space in the best possible way.

Balcony Bed Ideas Outdoor Sleeping

An outdoor bed sounds like the perfect sleeping space during the summer months. Many people are not sure if this idea is going to work for them because their balcony is not big enough to accommodate a large bed. However, we will show you some really creative ideas for outdoor beds which will work in both large and small spaces. In addition, we shall look at the pros and cons as well as the considerations that you need to keep in mind when arranging your relaxing space for an afternoon nap or even a night sleep.

Is It Possible to Place a Bed on the Balcony?

How To Place a Bed On The Balcony


Of course, it is quite possible to place a bed on the balcony. There is a large choice of options – sofa, daybeds, DIY pallet bed and cushions and pillows will make it extra cozy and comfortable. Add some string lights, lanterns, pots with plants and you will have the perfect balcony sleeping nook. Hammocks are another great option. Throw some pillows and grab a book! A mattress or an oversized cushion on the floor, several cushions and a soft blanket is all you need!

What Is Important to Know When Placing a Bed on the Balcony?

Considerations When Placing a Bed on the Balcony

The balcony is a unique space that allows you not only to organize useful additional space, but also to embody the most daring design ideas. One of the biggest advantages of balcony bed ideas is that you can create a unique space with a special atmosphere. Be sure to take into account the characteristics of the space. Balcony furniture should be upholstered with special fabric which does not fade in the sun. Do not place your outdoor bed so that the sun’s rays are constantly falling on it.

It is important that your sleeping space on the balcony is comfortable so you need to consider a few factors. A lot of natural light is very good, but sometimes it interferes with a good rest, especially in summer, when the nights are short. This problem can be solved with the help of thick curtains or blinds.

Another consideration that should be kept in mind is precipitation. Rain and strong winds can ruin the sleeping in the fresh air experience. Last but not least, you should consider insect protection – ointment, sprays and a mosquito net.

One on the main challenges for placing a bed on the balcony is the limited space. If your balcony is tiny, you may not be able to add any other furniture pieces like a table, chair, storage shelves, etc. In such cases it is better to choose furniture pieces that look as light as possible. This will help not to overload a small space visually. If you need to organize a storage space for small things, you can organize shelves or built-in drawers, use boxes, baskets, etc.

How to Choose the Design Style for Your Balcony?

How to Choose the Design Style for the Balcony

The choice of design solutions always depends on the personal taste, the available space and of course – budget and creativity. Balcony bed ideas feature different décor styles and you can see fabulous examples in the photo gallery. Minimalist, Shabby Chic, pop art, Scandinavian, Bohemian style – it depends on the décor concept of your home interior as the exterior should be in harmony with the overall design of the home.

Due to the abundance of natural light on the balcony, think about colors. Pastel shades, neutral and natural colors, light tones are recommended for outdoor areas.

The basic rule is to choose a design according to your lifestyle, traditions and habits. The balcony should be a comfortable and cozy place, so you should not go for modern design trends if you do not like them.


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