How to Clean Day and Night Blinds – Tips for Removing Dust and Stains

by Kremy

Day-night blinds have become very popular in modern interiors. Thanks to them, you can visually expand the space of a small room and bring zest to a simple interior. How to clean day and night blinds and maintain their original appearance for a long time? Despite the fact that the fabric of such blinds is specially treated with an impregnation that repels dust, moisture and grease, it still needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Clean Day and Night Blinds Tips for Removing Dust and Stains

Just like any other window treatment, Zebra roller blinds require a certain amount of care. There are several methods – dry and wet cleaning. Besides cleaning supplies, you may also need a ladder so that you can reach the top of the blinds.

Is It Really Necessary to Clean and Wash Zebra Blinds?

Is It Necessary to Clean and Wash Zebra Blinds


This question is asked by many owners of day and night blinds, who fear that they may damage the delicate fabric and thus ruin the appearance of their shades. If the blinds are not cleaned at all, then after a few years they will be difficult to clean and it will be easier to damage them with aggressive detergents that will be able to cope with the accumulated dirt. How often do you need to clean the blinds? As per professionals, it is enough to clean them twice a year to keep them looking fresh.

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How to Clean Day and Night Blinds from Dust?

Clean Day and Night Blinds from Dust

You can clean zebra blinds with a microfiber cloth or a feather duster. Simply dust them from the top working your way down to the bottom. In this way the duct falls to the bottom of the blind and after that you can simply clean the floor (or carpet) with a vacuum cleaner. You can do that once a week to prevent dust buildup.

The second option to remove dust from day and night blinds is to use your vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Make sure to use the lowest setting of the vacuum. Avoid using other attachments and never use a hairdryer to remove dust from the blinds because the heat may damage the sheer material.

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How to Remove Stains from Day and Night Blinds?

Remove Stains from Day and Night Blinds tips

It takes a minimum of time and effort to spot clean zebra blinds. You can use vinegar, soapy water or a gentle, bleach-free, stain remover. Never use chemical cleaners on the fabric. There is no need to remove the shades from the window during cleaning. Do not rub, wrinkle or twist the fabric, otherwise this may lead to deformation of the fabric. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth or sponge to gently remove the stain.

Can you remove the blinds? Yes, you can. In case that there are many stains, it is better to remove the entire shade from the window, lay it flat and clean them.

When cleaning stains from zebra blinds, brush in a horizontal direction along the stripes to remove all dirt. Make sure that you leave them dry naturally as this will preserve the material.

Can You Rinse Day and Night Blinds?

Can You Rinse Day and Night Blinds


Rinsing can be done using a damp cloth and warm soapy water. Wipe the shade horizontally from top to bottom and use another cloth to wipe the blinds. Once the fabric is clean let the blinds dry naturally before pulling them up.

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