Zebra Blinds – Innovative Window Treatment for Every Room

by Kremy

Zebra blinds are a great choice for any home. They are a relatively new product which combines features of both roller and venetian blinds and are also known as banded shades, Vision, Twist, day and night blinds and all these names describe a window blind made by alternating stripes of sheer material and stripes of opaque/solid colors. The sheer and solid stripes are aligned and can either provide total privacy or let light through the sheer elements.

Innovative Window Treatment for Every Room Zebra Blinds

This window treatment solution is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. The innovative day and night blinds can replace any other type of shades, blinds or curtains. Why zebra blinds are so popular? What are the advantages that they offer compared to alternative window treatments? How to use them in the interior design of your home? We shall give you the answers of all these questions below!

Zebra Blinds Types and Styles

Zebra Blinds Types and Styles


Zebra blinds come in two mounting options – inside and outside mount. An inside mount means that the shades are installed inside of window casing. This type of mount provides a simple and clean look and is ideal when you want to highlight an attractive window trim or molding. Obviously, an outside mount means that the shades are installed outside the window casing. This option will help you hide unattractive windows or other imperfections.

In terms of style, day and night shades are unique as they are a blend of Venetian and roller shades. The transparent and solid layers come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, materials, and designs to choose from. You can combine contrasting colors, create an accent in your interior and add visual interest. Another option is to select and combine colors, textures, and patterns that blend into the existing décor of your home and create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere. Even if you opt for fabric in the same color, due to the different opacity of the layers, your zebra blinds will look fantastic.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Zebra Blinds

Advantages of Zebra Blinds

For those who seek to create an ideal atmosphere in their home at any time of the year or day, zebra blinds will be an ideal window decoration option. The control of the amount of natural light in the room helps to avoid glare. This is especially important for residential or office premises overlooking the sunny side. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of zebra blinds.

The indisputable plus of day and night window blinds is in convenience, practicality, ease of use. Additional benefits that set them apart from other roller blinds include:

  • Zebra blinds offer three setting options – Open, closed, and up while standard roller shades have just two settings – up and down;
  • Lightweight allows you to install them on large windows and that you will easily lift large shades;
  • an extensive selection of color options;
  • versatility of fasteners, the ability to mount on wooden, plastic frames, ceiling, wall with or without drilling;
  • low weight, fixation in any height position;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • reliable protection from the sun;
  • day-and night roller blinds are an excellent choice for any room. They fit perfectly, for example, in the kitchen or living room;
  • exceptional durability.

What are the Disadvantages of Day and Night blinds?

innovative roller blinds day and night shades pros and cons

The main con is the higher cost compared to other similar products.

It is not recommended to use day-night roller blinds in low natural light, because they block at least half of the light. Of course, you can simply raise them completely, but then you will lose your privacy.

Zebra Blinds Can Be a Complement to Any Room

Zebra Blinds Can Be a Complement to Any Room

Can you install zebra blinds in any room? The answer is yes! There are no design restrictions but day and night shades look best in modern interiors in minimalist, Scandinavian or Japanese style. Fabrics with floral patterns will be a good choice for French country, Shabby Chic or Provencal styled interiors.

The blinds can be combined with other window treatments – curtains and drapes in a bedroom, living room or nursery. Day and night window blinds can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens as well.



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