Sliding Glass Doors Window Treatment Ideas: Tips and Practical Solutions

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Sliding glass doors are installed in apartments and private houses for access to the balcony, garden or patio. They offer many advantages like letting a lot of natural light into the room, yet they open the view for prying eyes and that is why they often need additional protection. We shall have a look at a variety of sliding glass doors window treatment ideas, their advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide which option is best for your home.

sheer vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

Curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters – when it comes to choosing window treatment for sliding glass doors, we ask the question which one of these is better. Sliding glass doors have their own characteristics and this means that when choosing, you need to know all the pros and cons of the possible options.

What do you need to know before you buy window treatment for sliding glass doors?

sliding glass patio door window treatments ideas


As simple and easy as it seems, choosing window treatment for sliding glass doors may be a tricky process for a number of reasons. Homeowners need to consider a few factors which will help them determine which option is best for their home.

Most often sliding glass doors are a part of a room with other windows. This means that whichever option you choose it should match with the rest of the window treatments in the room.

One thing that homeowners often overlook is that the window treatment should open in the same direction as the door. This may sound as something insignificant, but if your door opens from left to right and the curtains move in the opposite direction, this is going to be very inconvenient. Of course, this will depend on the particular type of window treatment that you have selected.

wooden shutters window treatment glass doors

Light control is something that you need to consider as well. Yes, wide open doors are great but in the hot summer days light (and heat) fill the room.

Access is another important consideration. You need easy access to the outdoor area and back inside. This means that heavy window treatments may not be the best idea as they will make in and out access more difficult.

Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors Shades Blinds

Durability is very important. It is logical that sliding glass doors are areas with high traffic. You need to keep that in mind when selecting window treatments. You need something that will be able to withstand the daily use for a long time.

Privacy is another issue. It is a fact that sliding glass doors provide a view of the environment – a garden, patio, sea shore or mountain, yet many people feel exposed to prying eyes. Proper window treatment allows you to keep your privacy.

Sliding Glass Doors Window Treatment Ideas

Sliding Glass Doors Window Treatment Ideas Practical Solutions

Sliding doors take up a lot of space and finding the right window treatment will accentuate or hide a window. Sliding glass doors window treatment may look like a real masterpiece on your wall. It is a fact that proper window treatment creates warmth and coziness in your home, transforming a large window area into a delight for the eyes so let’s have a look at the most popular options.

Sliding glass doors window treatment – Curtains and drapes

Layered Curtains window treatment sliding doors ideas

Curtains or drapes for sliding glass doors add style to the interior of the room and look nice and cozy. In practical terms, they are very convenient and at the same time, they perform all the necessary functions. This is the easiest and quickest way to decorate any room, make sure you have light and privacy control as well as easy access. Some people prefer translucent sheer materials that maintain their privacy without blocking the light while others opt for denser and heavier fabrics. Of course, it depends on the room – if you select curtains for your bedroom, you will need blackout drapes, while sheer curtains are suitable for sliding glass doors in living rooms. The undeniable advantage of curtains and drapes is that they are suitable for any décor style – traditional, rustic, Bohemian, modern, minimalist, etc. The market offers a huge selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns to meet every requirement and taste. You can hang them on a curtain rod for easy opening and closing.

Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

Vertical blinds are the most common sliding door window treatment. These are lightweight slats that hang from and move along a top rail. Vertical blinds are efficient and attractive and provide the opportunity to preserve your privacy and control sunlight. There are so many material options to choose from – fabric, wood, faux wood, metal, or vinyl. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of colors. You may select a color that will be an accent in your interior or blend with your existing color scheme.

Panel or Track Blinds

Panel blinds for sliding glass doors

Panel blinds for sliding glass doors are another good choice in terms of appearance and practicality. They are considered to be an alternative to standard vertical blinds. Panel track blinds can be mounted on the ceiling, inside the sliding door frame or outside the frame. The mechanism allows them to retract to one side which reveals the door opening. You can also actually choose the opening direction: to the right, to the left, or split from the middle. The market offers a variety of materials –fabric, bamboo, etc. and many color options so you can select fabric or material that will complement your interior design.

Roman, Solar or Roller shades for sliding glass doors

roller shades for sliding glass doors open plan living room

Shades are a versatile window treatment and a great solution for sliding glass doors. You can choose from different styles – roller, Roman or Solar shades depending on your personal preferences and criteria. Each type has its advantages but all of these will be a great element in the interior décor of the room.

Roller shades are easy to operate and have a good durability

Roller shades are easy to operate and have a good durability. The attractive design is suitable for many design styles and the market offers a wide variety of material choices and transparencies and prints which allows you to control the amount of light as well as your privacy.

Roman shades are exceptionally functional

Roman shades are exceptionally functional and excellent for sliding doors. They look elegant and sophisticated and in addition, they are ideal for areas with high traffic.

solar shades modern window treatment ideas

Solar shades are often called “sunglasses for windows” and are the perfect window treatment when you need to minimize the glare, reduce natural sunlight and block UV rays from entering your home. Manufacturers offer different options and you can choose the transparency as per your need. They are idea for modern style interiors due to the sleek and simple appearance.

Vertical cellular shades (honeycomb shades)

stylish vertical cellular shades

Vertical cellular shades (honeycomb shades) look very stylish and are considered to be a very good and energy efficient window covering. They have a unique design and are made of stacked rows of honeycomb-shaped cells (hence the name), which create air pockets inside the inner and outer fabric panels and work as insulators. In addition, honeycomb shells are an excellent choice if you value your privacy.

Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors

Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors

Plantation shutters are another stylish, elegant, and absolutely timeless option for sliding glass doors. They are energy efficient, easy to maintain, durable and safe. The shutters are installed on panels that move along a track which makes them very easy to operate. You can choose wide or narrow louvers, depending on your needs for light control.

living room sliding glass doors window treatments

In conclusion, we can say that every type of sliding glass doors window treatment – curtains, blinds, shades, shutters, cellular shades, track panels – will offer you functionality, easy access to the door and control over the amount of light. You can enjoy the view from your floor to ceiling glass doors or protect your privacy at a wish. Last but not least, proper window treatment will add style to your interior.


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