Window Solutions Loved by Architects

by Kremy

All elements in a house are important, but windows are certainly crucial in many ways. If they are insufficient, the lack of light will influence the energy consumption, as more artificial light will be needed. But it will also affect the mood of the family. Also, it plays a part in air circulation; another important element for the well-being of those living inside. Here are some of the best-liked window solutions by architects around the world.

Aluminium Window Solutions – The Metal of Choice in Most Cases

Popular Window Solutions Loved by Architects

Before we look at the variety of windows, let’s start with the material most used. Aluminium is the choice that architects generally make, when they are planning the window solutions of a house. It is not a surprising choice, when you know that aluminium represents 85% of all the metals used today, in the construction industry. Whether they insert aluminium glass windows or white aluminium windows, their first thought often goes toward that specific material. That is the case for the support of most of the windows below. For a closer look at aluminium windows, check out Aluprof.

Sliding Window

large windows allow plenty of natural light


Sliding windows have gained a lot in popularity, over the last few years. They are original and remind us of the doors of a dressing, in a bedroom. They are made of two horizontal sashes, opening and closing by moving them horizontally on a base track. They are favoured whenever the windows are quite large or in areas that are difficult to access, since their movement is easier than others.

Bay Window

large bay window with panoramic sea view

It is no surprise that architects like bay windows. They are a great, large opening to the outside world, which permits an interaction with nature, but also lets light flood inside the room and the house in general. It consists of a large window that fits into a casement. Traditional houses and mansions tend to have at least one bay window, but it is used in more moderate houses as well, these days.

Bow Window

windows solutions for your house

Bow windows are similar in style to the bay windows. If anything, they bring a more modern look than the previous one. It consists of four or more windows that are attached together in an arc or semi-circle. There is a sense of enlarging the room, when you place such a window inside it. That is because it protrudes outside the house. It is not the easiest window to install, but architect plans will be very precise about it, so that any construction team, with a minimum of experience, should be able to do the job right.

Fixed/Stationary Window

window solutions and modern home designs


It would be a shame not to mention this type of window, before closing this article. Those who cannot live without natural light will love them. They can literally replace a whole wall. It is as modern as you can imagine your house to be. Although a fixed or stationary window cannot be opened, it is certainly so to the outside world. The shape and sizes of each window panel can vary according to your taste, and so that it fits with the design of the room and the rest of the house as well.


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