50 Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas: Create Magical Atmosphere in Any Room

by Kremy

Fairy lights decorating ideas have become very popular as they create a magical atmosphere in any room at any time of the year. We think of fairy lights when Christmas comes. They make the home festive, bright and beautiful. Many people think that their traditional place is on the Christmas tree or on the window. In fact, their beautiful brilliance can enrich any other room in the home.

50 Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas for Magical Atmosphere in Any Room

String lights are inexpensive, affordable and very effective decoration that instantly creates a feeling of coziness. You can install them at Christmas and leave them for the whole winter, the interior will only benefit from this. You may have noticed that fairy lights are no longer just a Christmas tree decor, but are used everywhere and at any time of the year.

Initially, electric garlands were developed exclusively for decorating Christmas trees. Their predecessors were candles, which often caused fires, darkening the holiday and causing damage. In addition, the candle decor was very cumbersome. The problem of fire safety during Christmas holidays was completely resolved after the appearance and massive distribution of garlands powered by electricity.

DIY home wall decorations string lights


At first, the electric bulbs in the garland had one color and burned with an even light, later they acquired different colors and began to blink, which turned this Christmas tree decoration into a real magic. Multi-colored lights have now become an indispensable attribute of the holiday. Sparkling fir trees make you forget about worries and problems. Today they are used not only for decorating fir trees, but also for the interior.

Inspirational and Magical Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas

living room decor ideas with fairy lights

We see many fairy lights decorating ideas for almost any holiday and special occasion – birthdays and weddings, graduations and anniversaries. They look very beautiful in the twilight, bewitch and create a special atmosphere. But not everyone knows that garlands can be used to decorate the house. Are you interested?

To decorate a room with a string lights, first of all, you need your desire, a great idea and the actual decor item itself – an electric garland. Do not forget that today you can find many battery-powered garlands in stores. And since they no longer need sockets, there are many more options for decorating.

bedroom decor with fairy lights behind the bed

Decorating a room with fairy lights can be very diverse. They can become a mysterious addition to thin curtains, they can accent a beautiful mirror, furniture piece and other interior items. You can also decorate the window with colored bulbs. The opening will look completely different. The atmosphere of the room will change immediately and its whole appearance will be transformed. You can use fairy lights even during the day to bring in a sparkle into your home!

Buying Fairy Lights Guide – What is Important to Know?

String Lights Home Decor Ideas Romantic atmosphere

Buying fairy lights is not just an exciting pastime, but also a big responsibility. A chain of lights is not just a chain of lights. Nowadays the choice is extremely diverse – from small LED lights to light bulbs in different sizes, shapes and colors.

The choice of models in furniture stores and hardware stores is. There are fairy lights with small LED lights or examples with larger. No matter which model you choose as an atmospheric decorative object: Pay attention to the following criteria when buying:

Safety is hugely important! This applies to any electrical products. It is better not to be tempted by very cheap imported models as it is unlikely that they comply with any guidelines and technical tests. A safe string of lights has a special mark (CE for EU) which certifies that the light object complies with the European guidelines for safety.

festive bedroom decorating ideas string lights and lanterns

How do you want to operate the fairy lights? As with lights, there are fairy lights with classic plugs, solar and batteries powered models. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages: LED fairy lights are great for indoors as they are energy-saving and have very low energy consumption. Another advantage of LED lights is that even when they are on for a long time, the lamps do not get hot. While solar fairy lights and models with batteries are very mobile, fairy lights with a power connection are suitable for long-term use.

Also check the documents that confirm the quality of the product, the availability of instructions and the service life of the product. It is best to purchase fairy lights in specialized stores or large retail chains.

In terms of design string lights come in numerous options – classic chain of lights in teardrop shape, glowing flowers, star fairy lights, bulbs with decorative shades, etc. Which fairy lights is the best for you? It is up to you, your idea for decoration and the goal you want to achieve.

How to Use Fairy Lights for Home Decoration?

candles and string lights beautiful home decorating ideas

The location of the electric garland plays, perhaps, the most important role. It is better to use LED lights, since they are lightweight, practically do not heat up, and their price is quite affordable. Warm yellow lights can be placed horizontally or vertically. A single string of lights has a minimalist, yet artsy look and are a great accent in lofts and industrial styled interiors. Fairy lights can be used as a light source as well. Their soft, cozy glow is very appealing and that could be the perfect lighting source in kids’ and teen bedrooms. It sounds like an unusual solution, but fairy lights can be used as room divider as well. It’s unbelievable what cheap fairy lights can do in a room!

Fairy Lights Wall Decorating Ideas

String Lights Home Decor ideas geometric design

Fairy lights wall decorating ideas are magnificent! You can hang the strings horizontally or vertically down the wall and create a real fairytale backdrop in minutes.

How to hang a garland on the wall? Before proceeding with hanging fairy lights, choose a suitable wall with enough room for your garland. Many people use adhesive tape to attach the string lights, but you can also use small hooks at the ends of the wall. In this way you can arrange festoons, letters, words or abstract shapes.

LED String Lights Garland bedroom decor ideas

Fairy lights are also ideal for hanging up photos. You can make a fabulous photo gallery by hanging one or several horizontal rows of lights and then attach as many pictures as you like in any size to the string of lights. In this simple way you will showcase your unforgettable memories and moments in the best possible way.

You can use string lights to create an accent wall in your bedroom. Place them on the wall behind the bed and in addition to a spectacular interior, you will have a practical light source.

Ceiling Fairy Lights Ideas

Ceiling fairy lights ideas living room exposed beams

What could be better than a magical starry sky in your home? Ceiling fairy lights are often used as wedding decoration and if you are fascinated by the idea, nothing stops you to brighten up your space. You can hang the lights on the ceiling of any room – living room, bedroom, hallway, etc.

Fairy Lights Window Decorating Ideas

Fairy lights window decorating ideas

Nothing makes a window more festive and eye catching than a string of magical lights. You can arrange them around the frames of your windows or decorate the curtains in a 1001 nights fairytale style!

Magical Mirror Lighting

mirror lighting with fairy lights

Light chains attached around a mirror, not only provide a beautiful light accent in the room, but also provide perfect lighting when styling and applying make-up.

Lovely Bedroom Decoration

Lovely bedroom decoration fairy lights on the wall

Do you need more romance in the bedroom? Then a string of lights that can be attached to or above the bed is a great idea. Decorate your bed or canopy with fairy lights and the lovely sparkling glow will create a nice and cozy atmosphere

Adorable Nursery Decor

nursery decor ideas with fairy lights

Since the lamps of the fairy lights do not get hot, they can also be used as magical light decorations in a children’s room. Bet the kids will be thrilled?

Decorate the Hallway with String Lights

Decorate the hallways with string lights

Decorating a hallway with fairy lights can be an interesting idea. It will be especially relevant for dark corridors. This technique will also allow you to visually combine adjacent rooms. You can decorate the staircase or attach them on the ceiling or the walls. Whichever way you choose, the result will be spectacular!

Highlight Your Furniture with Fairy Lights

Highlight your furniture with fairy lights

A vintage chest of drawers or wardrobe can become the focal point in the room if you decorate it with string lights. Even if you do not have antique furniture pieces but just want to change the atmosphere in the kitchen, fairy lights will help you do that in just minutes without spending a fortune on home decorations.

Decorate Glass Vases and Lanterns with Fairy Lights

Decorate glass vases and lanterns with fairy lights

If you want a quick decoration, fairy lights in glass containers are just the right thing for you. All you need is a beautiful glass vessel, for example a vase, a large lantern or a transparent bottle. You can even add seasonal decorations for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

bedroom fairy lights romantic atmosphere

These are just some of the thousands of ways to use fairy lights as home decoration! Look at the photo gallery for more inspiration!



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