Winter Mantel Decor After Christmas: Create a Cozy Mood with These Tips

by Kremy

Winter is the time when we all enjoy staying by the fireplace. After a walk on a cold winter day, we love sitting by the fire. Now that the holidays are over, it is time to take all the Christmas decorations away. But it is still winter, so let’s talk about seasonal décor! The change in fireplace decor can depend on the changing seasons. In spring, delicate green mantel decorations will enter the house. In summer, we can use beautiful sea and vacation-related items, and in fall, colorful, warm leaves and vegetables such as pumpkins, for example. Winter mantel decor after Christmas can add some glamor to the interior with white and silver or create a cozy atmosphere with neutral colors.

Winter Mantel Decor After Christmas – Tips and Tricks for the Post-Holiday Days

winter mantel decor after christmas create a cozy mood with these tips

Some want to have one universal fireplace decor. But if you are like me, then we belong to the second group that enjoys changing the decorations depending on the season or holiday. In winter, the fireplace is a unique place. We spend pleasant family evenings, enjoying the warmth of the fire. Yes, Christmas decorations create a special, magical atmosphere, but let’s see how you can add some winter mood to your living room.

Natural Décor for Your Mantel After the Holidays

natural décor for your mantel after the holidays

Using various natural materials can help you create quick winter decor. Dried flowers, twigs, branches, and fruits can be arranged in beautiful compositions. Cotton stalks or pampas grass look beautiful and will add height to your mantel décor. Combine them with boxes, candles, statuettes, or any other accessories that you have available. You want something quick and easy? Then grab some cinnamon sticks and place them in small glass cups. Tie a burlap ribbon around the glasses, and your natural décor will be ready in 5 minutes!

Winter Mantel Decor After Christmas with Fairy Lights

winter mantel decor after christmas with fairy lights

Fairy lights can be used as home decoration all year round, but if you place them on the mantel after Christmas, they will create a delightful atmosphere of coziness. You can place them in glass containers or lanterns and combine them with winter-themed decorations like pine cones or dry twigs, for example.

Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel with Candles

decorate your fireplace mantel with candles

The flickering light of candles creates this special, warm, intimate atmosphere in any room. Depending on the style of the interior, you can choose candlesticks of different designs: intricate candelabras, minimalist metal candlesticks, lanterns – all of these will add to the décor not only of the fireplace but of the whole room. Even if you do not have fancy candlesticks, group several candles of different heights on a tray or combine votive candle jars with tealight candles in simple glasses.

winter mantel decor after christmas

By the way, there is nothing wrong with keeping some of your mantel decorations that you made for Christmas. After all, pine cones, wood log slices, or evergreen twigs are among the main elements of winter-themed décor.

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decorating the mantel with vases after christmas

Decorating the mantel with vases is an option that will appeal to both minimalists and maximalists. For your winter mantel decor after Christmas, fill several vases with dried flowers. If you prefer a minimalist style, choose glass containers. If you want to make your mantel décor the focal point of the room, choose vases with textured surfaces, patterns, or unusual colors. It is best if you combine several vases of different heights and shapes. In this way, you will add volume to your composition.

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Potted Plants as Mantel Decor

potted plants as winter mantel decor after christmas

Can you use potted plants as winter mantel decor after Christmas? Absolutely! This option is great for non-functioning fireplaces, since not all plants can withstand the heat. But if you are not using the fireplace, decorate the mantel with ferns, succulents, or other houseplants that will add a fresh touch to the interior.


mantel decor ideas winter themed decorations

Stack a few books on the mantel, place a glass container or an interesting vase with a flower on top of them, and there you are – you have a beautiful decorative element! This original technique allows you to experiment with book covers and their layout: some books can be arranged vertically, the rest horizontally, and this variety will make the composition a lot more interesting.


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