How to Throw a Coquette Dinner Party? The Must-Have Elements

by Kristiyana

What party theme to choose for Galentine’s Day 2024? How to throw a coquette dinner party? 

coquette dinner party table decorations

Heart-shaped sweets, pink bubbly drinks, satin ribbons and bows, scented candles, and shiny balloons – sounds like we have a coquette dinner party on our hands! If you wish you could gather all your favorite girly girlfriends for a night they will never forget, a coquette-themed party is just the well-deserved treat you all need! And it’s the perfect idea for Galentine’s Day! Do you want to learn which are the must-have elements for throwing a coquette dinner party, and find some inspiring ideas in the meantime? Just keep on reading girl.

How to Throw a Coquette Dinner Party? The Must-Have Elements

galentine's day party ideas 2024

Last year, I threw something a little more special for my girlies for Women’s Day. The intimate get-together at my place had all the essentials of a classic all-girl party – pink and red flowers, vanilla-scented candles, heart-shaped candy, rosé wine, pink champagne, and girly decorations like floral tablecloths and gold ribbons. But this year, I am thinking of going all out for Galentine’s Day!


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Join me on my journey by drawing inspiration from these specially picked-out coquette dinner party ideas, with tips and advice for creating the perfect girly theme!

Coquette Dinner Party Invitations Idea

coquette dinner party invitations

Some of you might not think of this element as a must, but I have to say that aesthetically-designed coquette dinner party invitations will surely hype your guests for this special event! And you don’t even have to spend a lot of time to make them. Simple cardboard paper in pastel pink, purple or creamy white will do just splendidly. You can draw cute ribbons, bows or hearts on your invites to make them even more unique!

Coquette Party-Themed Flowers and Candles

how to throw a coquette dinner party

Now, for two coquette dinner party elements, you definitely can’t go without – themed flowers and candles! Not all colors and types fit the party theme, so best to opt for roses or other flowers you like in pink, red, purple or white hues. The same colors go for the candles. Choose scented-candles with vanilla, rose, wild berries, lilac or lavender scents. You don’t need to spend a fortunate to acquire these decorations! Carnations or chrysanthemums are beautiful and cheaper alternatives to roses. While for the candles, you can easily find the ones you are looking for at a dollar store.

Coquette Aesthetic Food Ideas for Your Dinner Party

coquette aesthetic food for dinner party ideas

Ah yes, the coquette aesthetic food choices for your dinner party! A simple rule you have to remember is just to keep it cute and mostly in pink! Tiny cupcakes with pink, red or white frosting with heart-shaped candies on top, pink macaroons, marshmallows, bowls filled with berry fruits and of course the cake! Go to your favorite bakery and choose a lovely heart-shaped cake to share with your girlfriends on this night to be remembered.

The Coquette-Style Dinner Party Drinks

girls night dinner party plans

How to make your coquette dinner party drinks seem even more appetizing? Ribbons and bows are your answer! Set wine, champagne or martini glasses at your dinner table and simply decorate them by tying a cute satin ribbon or bow in pink, purple, red or white. For your drink of choice, supply your guests with pink bubbly champagne, fruity wines or pink gin.

When it comes to the coquette aesthetic, bows are everything! This sweet touch of elegance shouldn’t only be saved for your glasses, but add satin bows and ribbons to your chairs, to candles, flowers and even your cake!

Galentine’s Day Table & Sitting Arrangements

coquette dinner party plans 2024

Oh yes, we’ve come to the table and sitting arrangements! For the plates, you can either place a bigger white plate on the bottom and a smaller one on the top, and you can also do this with plastic plates as well. You can find many cute pink or gold plates at a dollar or party supplies store. Place the seating cards on top of each plate setting. Pink napkins are a must! Display your coquette flower arrangements at the center of the table, surrounded by candles and other girly decorations. Place the ribbon-tied glasses near the place mats, and you are ready to welcome your guests! Oh, one more thing. Make sure you make a playlist consisting of yours and your girlfriends’ favorite tunes. Lana Del Rey is a must at a coquette dinner party! Enjoy!

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More Coquette Aesthetic Dinner Party Plans & Ideas 2024

classy coquette dinner party table

Classy coquette dinner party table setting

classy coquette dinner party arrangement

Coquette aesthetic-inspired treats for Galentine’s Day

coquette dinner party drinks

More cute invitations’ ideas for your dinner party

coquette dinner party invitations idea

An abundance of pretty flowers & elegant candles

flowers and candles for coquette dinner party

Pink cotton candy, fudge & tiny marshmallows to treat your guests

coquette aesthetic food

Magical coquette dinner table arrangement

galentine's day party arrangement

The perfect girly cake accompanied by pink bubbly

coquette dinner party food

Adorable & budget-friendly coquette aesthetic dinner party

coquette dinner party instagram ideas

Celebrate Galentine’s Day outside if the weather permits

girly dinner party ideas

Another classy idea for a coquette dinner party 

elegant coquette dinner party table arrangement

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