Solo Valentines Day Date Ideas: What to Do on February 14th If You Are Single?

by Kremy

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you are single? Ok, there is no escape from the pre-holiday advertising and merchandise. The city is filled with the aroma of flowers and chocolate, and social media feeds with hearts and bears. Of course, it’s nice to spend Valentine’s Day with your soulmate. But being single has its advantages, too. These solo Valentines Day date ideas will prove that to you!

solo valentines day date ideas what to do on february 14th if you are single

Solo Valentines Day Date Ideas for February 14th if You Are Single

solo valentines day date ideas for february 14th if you are single

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you have a few options, and you can take advantage of the solo Valentines Day date ideas listed below.

Many people prefer to pretend that this is just a normal day, which is not a bad plan. You can spend February 14 complaining about life and your loneliness, which is much worse. And finally, you can make the most of being single and dedicate the day to yourself, and let’s be honest – isn’t that the coolest option?

Positive thinking is something great. True, it is sometimes hard to look at the bright side of life, but let’s find out if there are any advantages to being single on Valentine’s Day!

Sellers of flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears love this holiday. So, you’ll save money, or at least, you’ll spend it on treats for yourself! Not having someone special around doesn’t mean you do not deserve love, fun, and all the wonderful things.

Freedom is another huge plus. You do not need to surprise anyone. You can be yourself. You don’t need to do your hair or shave. If you want to spend the night in pajamas, you can do it!

You’ll have the whole day and evening to yourself. When was the last time that you had hours for yourself? You don’t have to be creative and think of something new that you haven’t already done with a partner, but just enjoy your time!

What to Do on February 14th if You Are Single?

what to do on february 14th if you are single

Having a partner is not necessarily happiness. Not all relationships are harmonious, and if you were in one of those, Valentine’s Day would not be exactly the day of love, don’t you think? The lack of a partner is no reason to feel sorry for yourself. You are alive, healthy, and smart, and life is full of joy, so here’s what to do on Valentine’s Day if you are single!

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Don’t Let Social Media Upset You

Can you stay away from social media on February 14th? It’s very easy to feel upset when your feed is full of Valentine’s Day poems, hearts, balloons, and teddy bears. If such updates from friends make you feel bad, just get up from your chair and do something else.

Change Your Usual Environment

have a day trip on valentines day

Organize a day trip to a nearby town and explore it. You might be surprised at how refreshing new sights and short-term travel can be.

A Beauty Day

A visit to the beauty salon always lifts your spirits. Have a beauty day by going to a spa salon. A relaxing massage will be a pleasant end to beauty care.

Have a Hair Day

Have you thought of getting a new haircut? Or a new hair color? What better day for a totally new look?

Home Spa Night

have a spa day at home

A spa night at home. Simply fill your tub with scented salts and give yourself an evening of spa treatments. A nourishing mask will be very useful; it will improve the condition of the skin, tired from a long cold weather period.

Go Shopping

Spend money on something special that you would never normally buy or do.

Spend Time with Your Family

Doing something nice for your loved ones is always a great idea. When was the last time you visited your parents or grandparents? Then, do it! You can even cook dinner for them. You’ll feel better and make your loved ones really happy.

Go to a Museum

visit a museum or gallery on valentiens day

Finally, visit the museum or gallery you’ve been meaning to go to for months.

Throw a Party

Surely, you are not the only one who is single. Invite your single friends to a movie night, pajama party, board game night, etc. Order a couple of pizzas and make sure there’s no stress and no expectations, just pleasant pastime with friends.

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