DIY decoration in January: ideas for beautiful winter decorations after Christmas

by Kremy

The holidays are over and the Christmas decorations are already packed in boxes. Now the house seems somehow empty and boring. Time for a nice winter decoration that spices up the interior! We shall give you several ideas for DIY decoration in January. Let the suggestions inspire you!

Decoration in January: arrange silver glasses and create a great visual effect

Silver glass as a winter decoration after Christmas for the coffee table

Do you have a silver glass set? Now is the right time to take the vase and tea lights out of the cupboard and stage them effectively on the coffee table. Together with vases made of glass with a minimalist design, a few fresh twigs with flower buds and of course candles, the silver glass creates a particularly charming ensemble. In this way, you can bring a touch of romance from times gone by into your own four walls. By the way, if you don’t have a silver glass set, then you can look for one at the flea market.

Window decoration after Christmas: Succulents wreath

DIY Winter decoration after Christmas for windows


Just yesterday a wreath of fir branches hung on the window. Today it is decorated with air plants such as gray and white tillandsias. They manage completely without soil. Add some fresh eucalyptus branches and the arrangement is complete. Such a beautiful decoration with a great effect can be crafted quickly and without much effort. It is perfect for textiles in neutral colors on the windowsill. By the way, coziness is a top priority in January.

Snowflakes: winter decorations for the staircase

DIY winter decoration with snowflakes

Have you made large snowflakes for the windows as Christmas decorations? Then you can continue to display them, but not on the window. The snowflakes look much nicer on the staircase. Perfect for those who have a wooden staircase with wooden banisters.

DIY decoration in January from natural materials

DIY decoration in January natural materials

You can make a peculiar picture frame from cones that are left over from the Christmas decorations. Using tweezers, carefully detach the stamens and use them to decorate a picture frame. You can attach the stamens with hot glue. Vintage photos from the grandparents’ wedding or other black and white photos can be staged effectively in the self-made picture frames.

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DIY winter decorations with candles

How to make winter decorations with candles

Plain white pillar candles in glass lanterns are the ultimate winter classic. However, so that the arrangement does not look boring, you can decorate it with natural materials. A mini wreath of snowberry or eucalyptus branches will give the composition that certain something. This is the perfect winter decoration for the mantelpiece or coffee table. By the way, the only thing you must not attach to the lanterns are dried flowers. They are usually preserved with flammable chemicals, so there is always a risk of fire. so there is always a fire hazard. Also, never leave burning candles without supervision. To be on the safe side, you can use LED candles.

Table decoration in January made of wood

Tree trunk coaster engraving winter decoration

Coasters made from tree trunk slices have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, to make them look more personal, you can engrave them or paint them any way you like. It doesn’t have to be complicated motives. You can also draw some branches with black pen and then write a family member’s name on them. So everyone knows which coaster is theirs. Alternatively, you can decorate the tree discs with nature motifs and hang them on the wall. Or you can drill holes in the tree discs and put dried flowers. The possibilities for a creative winter decorations after Christmas are simply endless.

Stage pine cones as table decorations

Arrange pinecones in candlesticks

Do you want a quick and stylish vintage table decoration? Simply arrange silver or crystal candle holders on a tray, collect pinecones, let them dry overnight on newspaper and then paint them white the next morning and put them in the candle holders together with fresh twigs. If you want, you can also put a few Christmas tree ornaments in white and light blue between the candlesticks. The perfect decoration in “white winter fairy tale” style is ready!

Outdoor decoration in January ideas with fairy lights

Outdoor decoration with fairy lights

The perfect decoration in January attacks the Christmas decoration thematically. For example, you can still leave the fairy lights outside. But instead of using them to decorate the Christmas composition, they are wrapped around various decorative pieces and evergreen potted plants. Stylish and minimalistic, this winter decoration creates the perfect transition between winter and spring. In addition, the fairy lights also prove to be an extremely functional addition to the outdoor area. You can use them to illuminate high buckets or steps and thus prevent tripping hazards. Or you can illuminate the outdoor seating area.

You don’t have to spend a lot for a nice decoration in January: you already have the individual decorative elements at home. However, keep the winter decorations after Christmas as simple as possible, so that people can see right away: The holidays are over, but the house or apartment still looks elegant and stylish.



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