Homemade outdoor Christmas decorations: 5 DIY Christmas boots decoration ideas!

by Anjelina

Decorating for Christmas is always an exciting experience, and we look forward to this time of year! As well as the traditional decorations at home, we often choose to create a Christmas atmosphere outside, at the front door and in the garden. One of the most iconic decorations that looks absolutely great both placed outside and inside the house are Christmas boots. That’s why today we’ve decided to show you a few Christmas boots decoration ideas to impress everyone who passes by your home! Keep reading for lots of inspiration!

5 DIY Christmas boots decoration ideas

christmas boots decoration ideas for outdoor homemade diy red boots with light candy canes

You don’t always need to spend a large sum of money to get a lovely outdoor decoration for Christmas. In fact, more and more people are looking for DIY ideas. One of the reasons is that they save money by using mostly materials at hand. And on the other hand, people like to create things with their own hands. It is proven to be a very useful activity that makes us relax and have fun. That’s why we’ve picked out some wonderful DIY Christmas boots decoration ideas for you to try making yourself at home this year!

DIY Christmas boots wreath

diy christmas boots decoration ideas old red boots full of greenery hung on door


Our first idea is for DIY Christmas boots to hang on your front door! Yes, that’s right! Take your old cowgirl boots that you won’t wear anymore. It’s even better if they are red – if not, you can paint them (totally optional). Fill them with conifer branches, put Christmas tree decorations in them. Add candy canes and real pine cones (you can glue them with a hot glue gun if they fall off). Finally, hang a large festive bow for an accent. All that’s left is to hang your improvised Christmas wreath and be ready for lots of compliments for the creative idea!

Christmas rain boots decoration

old rubber boots diy christmas boots decoration ideas red with white dots jute ribbon

Our next idea involves using old rain boots. Again, red is recommended, but not required. Fill them with twigs and decorations of your choice. You can stick to the predominant colors of the rest of your Christmas decorations and choose just the right ones. Finally, tie the boots with a large jute ribbon if you like the rustic style. If you don’t and that’s not what you’re going for – pick a ribbon in the color of your choice.

DIY Christmas cement boots

cement christmas santa claus boots dark brown fluffy white top conifer branches artificial flower

Use old boots to fossilize them using cement. Be careful not to fill them inside with cement too, because you won’t be able to decorate the boots afterwards. When they are dry and firm, you can paint them in the colors you want. For example, you could make them dark brown and the “fluffy” part at the top white. Then fill them with all sorts of Christmas decorations – twigs, Christmas tree decorations, and why not hang an artificial poinsettia. It is one of the most wonderful symbols of Christmas! It will undoubtedly make a great festive decoration to put somewhere near the front door!

Festive boot made of fabric

christmas boot made of fabric soda bottle cardboard cotton jute strip

The fabric booties are so cute. You can often find them in Christmas decoration shops or even in the dollar tree. And the best part is that you can make them yourself at home with a little more desire. You’ll need a piece of cardboard to outline and cut out the sole of the boot (you’ll need 2 if you’re making a pair of boots). Use an appropriately sized plastic bottle by cutting it into three pieces (you don’t need the top one where the neck of the bottle is). Arrange the other 2 parts of the bottle on the sole as shown in the picture below:

DIY Christmas boots

how to make christmas boot out of cardboard empty bottle of soda step by step

Glue the parts of the bottle to the sole, then use а piece of fabric to cover everything. Glue the fabric well. At the top of the boot, you can attach cotton or faux pillow stuffing to make it look soft and warm. Finish with a strip of jute by going around the base of the boot. You can use a hot glue gun for all the steps. Finally, decorate with items of your choice that carry the Christmas spirit!

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Ice skates for Christmas decoration

homemade outdoor christmas decoration white ice skates greenery red ornaments

Our last but not least idea, of course, is to use an old pair of ice skates. This is a new way to use them again for nice purposes! There is something very romantic about the whole idea, so we advise you to give it a chance without much hesitation! Just imagine how every time you look at them, you’ll think of all the unforgettable ice rink moments you’ve had. Decorate them according to taste and preference. Let them fit perfectly with all the other decorations! And we are sure you will smile every time you look at them!

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