Christmas Door Decoration: 17 Unique Ideas to Create a Festive Decor That Stands Out

by Kremy

How to decorate the front door for the festive season? What about the classroom door? Wreaths, stickers, ornaments, lanterns, green plants… discover our festive ideas for Christmas door decoration (because a simple tree is never enough).

How to Decorate the Front Door?

how to decorate the front door for christmas

To decorate your exterior, start with the door. It’s a must for the winter vacation. There are many possibilities available to you and the ideas below will allow you to give free rein to your imagination. Of course, you will place a wreath, but you have other options. You can hang a Christmas stocking, bells and different types of ornaments. And if you don’t know how to hang them, simply place them on the door handle, as shown in the following photo. Simple, isn’t it?

decorate the front door easily without drilling and gluing

What’s also nice is that you don’t need to buy an expensive decoration, because you can make it yourself. We tend to buy new decorations every year, so if this is the case for you too, you probably have a lot. Use a few to incorporate into your outdoor decor.

Additionally, you can use natural materials such as pine cones, branches, dry leaves and flowers, wood, wine corks, etc.

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Hang a sock on the door with a small conifer branch

christmas door decoration with a stocking

Make a door wreath with natural materials

diy door wreath with recycled materials leaves wood wine cork

Hang bells instead of a wreath to stand out

ornament to hang on the front door

If you have a knocker, it is very easy to hang a decoration on it

diy door wreath fall winter red door

Christmas door decoration: use the old figure skates creatively

original unique christmas door decoration

Attach bells onto a metal hanger from dry cleaning

easy diy door wreath with ornaments

How to Decorate Around Your Front Door?

decorate the house entrance with poinsettia and garlands

In addition to garlands and a door wreath, don’t forget to add a little color with potted flowers like chrysanthemums and Poinsettias. They’re among the best choices for decorating the space around the front door. To make your entryway even more elegant and luxurious, add a satin bow around the pot and match it to the one on the door wreath.

how to decorate around your front door

Who doesn’t love lanterns? They give a romantic and warm atmosphere to any house, balcony or porch. How to decorate the front porch for Christmas 2023? Just be sure to use LED candles indoors (for safety reasons).

how to decorate the front door in winter december

Choose lanterns of different sizes to add the movement that makes the atmosphere so magical. Additionally, install string lights. I recommend monochrome yellow lamps, whose minimalist look is reminiscent of the stars in the sky.

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Let your child participate by making paper snowflakes

decorate windows with paper snowflakes

Wrap all your plants and garden figures with fairy lights

winter outdoor decoration fairy lights

Use cuttings from evergreen shrubs and trees for Christmas door decoration

christmas door decoration porch entrance

How to Decorate the Classroom Door?

christmas door decoration with homemade ornaments

When it comes to decorating the classroom door, you need to include all the children in the process. So choose an ornament that everyone can make and add to the Christmas decoration. The photo above is just an example. This candy cane is made with red and white pipe cleaners and then hung on a simple cotton string. Here are some other options:

  • You can make them with polymer clay, bake them and hang them.
  • You can make paper snowflakes and glue them to the door.
  • Consider making bows, stockings or clings. For the latter, you will find a video tutorial below. It shows how to make a shamrock, but just change the pattern and colors and you can create anything you want.

To make window clings, get the following materials:

  • White glue
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Food coloring or glitter (for a shiny look) or acrylic paint (for a matte look)
  • Different Christmas designs
  • Plastic page protectors

Use books to make these super cute decorations and place them in front of the door

how to decorate a classroom door

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