DIY Christmas Wreath: 3 Creative and Super Easy Tutorials for a Festive Decoration!

by Kremy

Need a simple DIY Christmas wreath tutorial? How about three? The DeaVita DIY team is here to give you some holiday inspiration this December!

Here Are 3 Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorials!

easy diy christmas wreath

Are you counting the days until Christmas? Because we do! We know it’s a little early for some, but for those who love the cold, snowflakes dancing gracefully in the air, and the crackling melody of a fire in a warm, cozy room… It’s not too early for you! Decorating for the holiday season will cheer you up and bring joy to your home! But first, before we start on the inside, let’s think about your door! Yes! Do you want the exterior of your home to be welcoming? We have what you need! Here are three super simple tutorials for young and old! Let the countdown begin!

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Christmas Wreath with Pine Cones

christmas wreath with pinecones

Pine cones make a wonderful fall and winter decoration for the home! Scatter them around any room and you’ll have a winter wonderland. You can also get crafty and create this absolutely beautiful pine cone Christmas wreath! Believe me, it is much easier to make than it seems. So you need:

  • Pine cones (as many as you’d like, depending on the size of your wreath)
  • Green garland
  • Small decorative berries
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Twine

Now that you have all your equipment at hand, it’s time to get down to business:

  • You need a base! Take your scissors and cut a circle from the cardboard. This will be the shape of your wreath.
  • Glue the green garland to the cardboard using hot glue. It should look like branches with leaves!
  • Now that you have some color, it’s time to add the pine cones! Glue them directly to the garland, but be sure to press firmly so they stick.
  • Finally, add all the other decorations and place the wreath on your door!

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DIY Christmas Wreath with Recycled Materials

diy christmas wreath with recycled materials

Do you love eco-friendly decorations? So why not create a magnificent Christmas wreath from recycled materials? You can make one from a toilet paper roll! Make sure you have enough materials, a round base to stick the handmade decorations on and a palette of colorful paint! You can also create a wreath from pellets, wood, straw, and anything that can be reused! For example, here are other ideas that you can draw inspiration from:

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath: Classic Tutorial

diy outdoor christmas wreath

If you want a big, beautiful Christmas wreath that requires a little more attention to detail, we have the tutorial for you! You will need:

  • A metal ring
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Sprigs of foliage (fake ones are best because they can be reused every year)
  • Any other small decorations you’d like to add
diy christmas wreath natural materials

The metal ring will be your base. Although you can use a wooden base, the metal one will be unbreakable.

Take the foliage and start wrapping it around the base using the wire. Repeat until everything is green.

how to make a christmas wreath

Gradually add the rest of the decorations using the wire. Use and cut as much as needed. You can add pine cones and fake fruit.

diy christmas wreath decorations

You can also add ribbons! The more colors, the more festive! And that’s it! Your festive DIY Christmas wreath is ready!

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