Christmas Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls: 3 Fun, Easy and Decorative Projects

by Kremy

What to do with toilet paper rolls for Christmas? Well, the possibilities are numerous, especially for children between 3 and 7 years old, always curious, artistic and full of energy! These 3 top Christmas DIY ideas using this recycled material will undoubtedly please you.

Top Christmas Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls Ideas

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls for kids

Yes, the festive season is still far away, but for successful Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls, you have to start collecting your materials now, right? So stop throwing away those recyclable but otherwise ugly cardboard tubes, because they can become the stars of your next festive DIY project. Decorations, typical characters and calendars – with a little imagination and a pinch of skill, you can make anything from these mundane items!

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Make a Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls for preschoolers

As usual, we start with the easiest manual activity, which is perfect for children aged 3 and 4. Apart from the rolls, we must prepare paint in typical Christmas colors – red, green and white. Obviously, if you want to make a reindeer, you’ll need brown paint too.

easy christmas crafts for kids with toilet paper rolls

Other supplies include paintbrushes, glue, paper, rounded-tip scissors, and any sort of small craft details you have available. Small pom poms, popsicle sticks, beads, cotton balls and googly eyes can be used, but they are not actually essential.

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls ideas for preschoolers

To make your Santa’s beard from a toilet paper roll, use a makeup remover pad and cut it to imitate the specific shape. Parents can help with these more complex operations, while the little ones can have fun in the meantime painting the cardboard cylinders and gluing the decorative details afterwards.

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DIY Christmas Trees from Toilet Paper Roll Tubes

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls ideas

Making trees and especially fir trees from toilet paper tubes and paper towels is another great Christmas DIY idea, but it requires a little more skill. In any case, you can easily offer this creative hobby to kids aged around 5 who will undoubtedly appreciate the challenge.

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls

The supplies needed and the steps to follow are pretty obvious, but we’ll list them briefly anyway. Apart from the rolls, get a pencil, a pair of scissors, green and white paint and markers or glitter glue for the final decoration.

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls ideas diy tree

Trace the outline of your tree as shown in the image above. The idea is to draw its base all around the end of the roll to obtain a circle which will be able to hold our decoration upright, once cut. So preserve this circular shape by cutting out the tree (a step for mom or dad to do perhaps).

diy christmas trees with toilet paper rolls crafts for kids

Finally, color your toilet paper roll tree and decorate it with polka dots using felt-tip pens (like Christmas baubles) or traces of shiny glitter imitating festive garlands. That’s it !

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DIY Advent Calendar from Toilet Paper Rolls

diy advent calendar with paper roll tubes

The last idea for Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls is the most elaborate, but don’t worry, because this one isn’t rocket science either. Roll up your sleeves, preschoolers and first graders!

how to make advent calendar with paper roll tubes

This involves making an Advent calendar to fill with little surprises, sweets or whatever. Here is an overview in fairly explanatory photos of the stages for this Christmas craft with toilet paper rolls idea:

diy advent calendar with paper roll tutorial

To begin, glue your rolls together “in a pyramid” so that they imitate the shape of a tree. A trunk of 3 rolls, then an overlay of 6-5-4-3-2 and 1 at the top work very well for this purpose, for a total of 24 days from December until Christmas.

diy advent calendar with paper roll tubes instructions

Then, decorate your tree with green paper. Using a punch or the rim of a cup as a template, cut out circles from green paper to close the compartments of your calendar. Don’t forget to fill them with surprises in advance! Add numbers for the corresponding dates and voila!

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