DIY Reindeer Christmas Cards: Simple and Original Ideas for Kids’ Crafts

by Kremy

Are you looking for simple but original craft ideas to do with your little ones this Christmas? With a few craft materials and a little inspiration, kids can make easy reindeer Christmas cards for their teachers, friends, grandparents, or other special people in their lives.

Christmas crafts are a great activity for the whole family. The kids will have a lot of fun with one of these reindeer Christmas card ideas that can enhance any gift! Whether it contains a heartfelt greeting or a coveted gift certificate, a homemade card will make everyone happier and remind them how much you care about them. Get inspired by these creative ideas that you can make quickly and easily with your little ones.

DIY Reindeer Christmas Cards: Simple Instructions for Children

diy reindeer christmas cards ideas

Reindeers are a favorite symbol of Christmas! And when children can make Christmas cards, it is a very rewarding experience for them. Once the cards are ready, you can also write unique messages.

Materials required:

  • 1 white sheet of paper
  • 10-12 clothespins
  • A few small rocks
  • blue and red paint
  • twigs
  • Glue
  • black marker
  • Paint brush

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First, paint the clothespins with the red paint and leave them aside on a sheet to dry completely.
  • Then glue them on the sheet as shown in the photo.
  • Attach the pebbles above with the glue to create the heads of the reindeer and draw the eyes with the white paint and the nose with the red paint. Make small black dots with the marker in the white eyes.
  • Glue the small twigs over the pebbles for the antlers.
  • Optionally, you can attach a popsicle stick horizontally to the clothespins and write a Christmas greeting on it with the marker.

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DIY a Cute Paper Reindeer Card

diy reindeer christmas cards from paper

This super simple idea is also suitable for toddlers and can be completed in just 15 minutes. And you only need simple craft materials: craft paper in natural colors and in white, black and red, glue and scissors.

Fold a red A4 sheet of paper in half to make the card.

Then cut out a white rectangle slightly smaller than the size of the card and glue it on top. You will also need two white and two smaller black circles for the eyes, a red circle for the nose, a triangle and two ears made of craft paper and antlers made of black paper.

Then all you have to do is put the reindeer together and the sweet Christmas card is ready!

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Quick DIY Reindeer Christmas Cards Ideas

diy reindeer christmas cards last minute ideas

And if you need to make a card at the last minute, this craft idea is perfect for you.

Simply fold a sheet of paper in half, cut out a red circle for the nose and glue it on, glue two googly eyes, get small twigs from the garden and glue them on too. Then decorate the antlers as you like and you’re done!

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Festive Envelope with Reindeer Motif

decorate envelope for christmas card with reindeer

And if you have made sweet reindeer Christmas cards, you will of course need matching envelopes. Get a simple envelope or fold one yourself and draw black eyes, a red nose and brown antlers on it.

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