How to Make an Advent Calendar from Cardboard? 3 Simple and Cute Tutorials

by Kremy

Do you want to make the whole month of December a magical holiday with cute little gifts every day? There are lots of cute, themed calendars out there, but they can be quite expensive. But making your own is a wonderful experience that makes it all the more personal and fun! Let’s see how to make an Advent calendar from cardboard!

How to Make an Advent Calendar from Cardboard?

how to make an advent calendar from cardboard

December 25 is still over a month away. And if you’re impatient like us, you can surprise yourself and your loved ones with a personalized calendar! The DeaVita team offers you three easy-to-follow tutorials! Regardless of age, Christmas crafts are always fun! And if you want to please a loved one, a child or a friend, give them an Advent calendar at the beginning of December! There are so many materials you can use to make this wonderful gift. But today, the DeaVita cheapskate team is going to tackle the cheapest way possible! Then, we will give some you original ideas what to put in it!

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Cardboard Advent Calendar Tutorial to Follow

diy advent calendar from cardboard tutorial

This tutorial is simpler than it seems at first glance! How to make an Advent calendar from cardboard where you can put small personal gifts for your favorite person? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Multi-drawer cardboard box (you can buy one online for very little, or make your own by following the video tutorial below)
  • Stickers in any shape you like (the star is more festive, but you can find lots of cute Christmas stickers everywhere)
  • A marker to write the dates

Here is how to create the cardboard box with drawers using the detailed video tutorial from the John Heisz – I Build It channel on YouTube:

Once the cardboard box is assembled, all that remains is to add the stickers and dates and put little gifts inside!

diy advent calendar 2023

Another very cute idea is to organize a treasure hunt and give clues as to the whereabouts of the little cardboard boxes and envelopes containing a gift! The kids will love it! Every day, they will have to find their daily gift hidden somewhere in the house!

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Make Advent Calendar from Envelopes

fabriquer un calendrier de lavent avec des enveloppes

This is by far the simplest and cutest Advent calendar you can make! All you need are envelopes, small pins, a string, a marker and some pretty stickers or other decorations! You will need 24 envelopes marked and dated for each specific day until Christmas. Then, using the pins, attach them to the rope and hang it on the wall! Your room will be very festive!

diy advent calendar ideas

If you don’t have envelopes or if you think they are too small to put your gifts in, use small paper bags instead! Don’t forget to mark each date on each paper bag!

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Wall Advent Calendar

diy wall advent calendar

Wall Advent calendars are our favorite! We are already preparing to do one at the office where everyone will put a little gift for the other! Not only is it a great Christmas decoration, but the anticipation of opening each little bag, envelope or box is an incredible pleasure! If you’re planning on placing slightly larger gifts, but are worried that a simple rope won’t be enough, use a tree branch! Next, get some small cords to tie each bag, envelope or box. And pin it all to the wall! Simple, cute and full of charm!

5 Printable Advent Calendar Ideas

If you’re struggling to find stickers or your artistic talents aren’t quite good, why not print an Advent calendar that you can cut out and stick on anything! Here are our ideas:

printable advent calendars
free printable advent calendar
printable advent calendar
advent calendar to print and cut out
printable advent calendar templates

What to Put in an Advent Calendar?

how to fill an advent calendar

But what can you put in an Advent calendar? In general, since you have gifts for every day until Christmas, they cannot be big, but small and personal! If you’re preparing an Advent calendar for a woman, you can opt for a themed calendar. For example: skin care products (a small sample for each day), or hair accessories or makeup. For men, and yes, we are based on stereotypes, you can put chocolate or candy, words of love, socks and so on… In short, it must come from the heart and be very personal.

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