DIY Tea Advent Calendar – Aromatic Sips for the Senses Before Christmas!

by Kremy

Would you like to make a tea Advent calendar quickly and easily for yourself or for your favorite people? This is quite possible with the right types of tea!

Although there are numerous Christmas calendars on the market with all sorts of goodies, a personalized version can bring a lot of joy to tea drinkers. For 24 days you can enjoy a new type of tea every day or surprise a tea lover with such an enjoyable gift. With a delicious selection, you or the person receiving the gift can certainly experience many sensual and cozy moments in winter. The tea mixture can be created without much effort from different flavors or in a sustainable way with leftover teas. Below is an easy example guide that can help you complete the DIY project before the Christmas season.

Awaken Feelings of Well-Being with a DIY Tea Advent Calendar

diy tea advent calendar tips and ideas

Advent begins four weeks before Christmas Eve with the lighting of the first four candles of the Christmas wreath. The smell of cinnamon and mulled wine is already everywhere at the Christmas markets and everyone is thinking about Christmas gifts. A handmade version of the Advent calendar is considered a sign of love for special people and adds a personal touch to the Christmas spirit. If there are tea lovers among you, you will definitely be able to please those with a DIY version of the traditional Christmas calendar.

advent calendar in a rustic wooden box with different teas

In addition, you can invest time and money in a fancy tea collection if you are aiming for a slightly more luxurious option. For example, magnetic tins with selected tea blends or those from luxury brands in this sector are suitable for this. However, you can also make a cheaper DIY tea advent calendar by personalizing it to your own taste. Regardless of whether you use well-known or exotic teas, it will be exciting to surprise yourself with them every day.

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How to Choose the Types of Tea?

try various types of tea at home during the christmas season

For a DIY Tea Advent calendar, you have almost unlimited options when it comes to choosing the types of tea. Depending on your personal preferences, you can decide whether you want to pamper your favorite person with unknown flavors or choose specific teas for every day. These can be teas that you know the person will enjoy. For example, if you have a few different tea bags of your favorite teas left over, you can use them for the corresponding days. Yogi tea, for example, which is both Ayurvedic and comes with different wisdoms, is suitable for this.

diy tea advent calendar using a tea box as a gift

In addition, you can add festive and themed varieties with matching ingredients and flavors to your tea collection, depending on the person. This way, every sip will be reminiscent of Christmas and evoke excitement in the tea drinker for the upcoming holidays. So try to find teas that are suitable for winter or choose tea blends that are reminiscent of Christmas delicacies. This is sure to get you or them in a Christmas mood.

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Follow These Simple Steps for a DIY Tea Advent Calendar of Your Own

pin notes on a cork board with thumbtacks for a simple christmas calendar

The idea behind this easy DIY project is to use affordable materials in creative ways for a surprise effect. By also randomly drawing the number for the different teas, the daily surprise will be even greater. The basic materials you need for this would be, for example, a cork board, construction and craft paper, felt-tip pens, thumbtacks, scissors and of course the selected types of tea. Additionally, you can use a tea box for your chosen types of tea. Then proceed as follows:

  • First, cut out 24 or 25 festive shapes from the construction paper – square, round or star-shaped, depending on your preference.
  • Then, use construction paper in holiday colors like red and green to create themed patterns.
  • Then write the name of the corresponding tea on each back and mix them all with the names facing down.
  • Then number each front from 1 to 24 or up to 25, without looking at the names of the tees.
  • First, you can arrange all the pieces in order on a cork board or chalkboard in the kitchen or living room using thumbtacks.
  • Store the selected types of tea either in an enclosed tea box or somewhere in the kitchen cupboard so that you can prepare the appropriate tea bag every day.
  • If it’s a gift, you can simply wrap the whole thing nicely or tie it with a matching ribbon.
  • To start the surprising tea drinking on the first day of Advent, you or your favorite person simply turn number 1 over and then prepare the type of tea you have drawn.
  • Then have each day pinned to the board in rows with the name facing the front and enjoy the tea selection until Christmas.

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