This Is Why You Must Get Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair in 2023-2024!

by Kremy

If you are ready to change your hairstyle, then you are ready to change your life! Don’t you want more movement and visual volume in your brown hair? Go for sublime blonde highlights on brown hair and a trendy new hairstyle to highlight your natural beauty! But how to choose the right color? And can you do it yourself at home? Let’s talk about it!

What Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair?

blonde highlights on brown hair

Brown hair is beautiful, we agree. However, as women, we all love to experiment with our hair. After all, it is our most powerful asset! Hair can either highlight your natural beauty or make you look older and tired. So it’s vital to make the right choices. A very radical change for all brown-haired goddesses is to go blonde. However, as this can cause considerable damage to your hair, especially if it’s thin, adding highlights is an excellent alternative! The main thing is to adapt them to your complexion, in particular to your skin tone, and to your haircut. Is it short, medium-length or long? Is your undertone cool, warm or neutral? And if you’re on a budget or don’t like going to the hairdresser, is it possible to do all this at home?

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Why Go for Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair?

get blonde highlights on brown hair

If you are considering going blonde, you should weigh the pros and cons. While a drastic change is always welcome, be aware that if your hair is very thin and dark, going from brown to blonde can be exhausting. The biggest drawback is the constant bleaching every month and the nasty roots that always appear and ruin the flawless color. Blonde highlights on brown hair will be a better option in this case. Why should I do this? It’s the end of bleaching, isn’t it? Yes, but it doesn’t involve your entire scalp! What’s more, you can add highlights such as caramel or a darker blonde, so you don’t need to enhance your hair color as much with full bleaching. You can also opt for balayage or highlights that don’t start from the scalp. This won’t damage the skin and you can wait a little longer color treatments.

Ideas for Different Flattering Colors

golden highlights on brown hair

Honey blonde highlights work best for warmer, neutral tones and can still do the trick for cooler tones if they’re not too yellow. You can add delicate ones or opt for more daring ones, like at the beginning of 2000.

caramel and honey highlights on brown hair

If you’re afraid of becoming a very light blonde, caramel blond is for you! These highlights are suitable for warmer tones. However, you can always opt for a darker blonde to match your ice queen energy!

blonde highlights on brown hair short hairstyle

You can also take the safe route and go ash blonde! It harmonizes perfectly with lighter brown and highlights the skin. Add a few lighter highlights around the face to open it up and emphasize your beauty.

Maintenance Tips after Dying

how to maintain blonde highlights

We all know that blonde needs to be maintained. You can’t just bleach your hair and continue with your usual hair routine for brown hair! You should use a toner after bleaching and wash your hair every other time with a purple shampoo. Your hair is likely to become otherwise dry or brittle, so opt for hydrating hair masks. You can even make a hair mask at home, as some tend to be quite expensive. Use conditioner religiously and try not to wash your hair every day to avoid contributing to dryness. Also avoid using heat regularly. It may seem like a lot, but these tips could save your hair from looking like straw!

What Hairstyle Is Best for Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair?

blonde highlights on brown hair women over 50

Have you already seen the fall-winter 2023-2024 hair trends? The short, layered and long bob haircuts are still on top, and your coloring will give your short hair a richer, more voluminous effect.

pixie cut blonde highlights

Adding color to your pretty pixie cut is a powerful statement! Yes, even if you don’t have much to do, a few blonde highlights on brown hair will make your haircut even more original and trendy!

long brown hair with blonde highlights

And of course, if you want to go for the most feminine and romantic look, your new color will achieve this effect by beautifully adorning your long hair!

How to Do Blonde Highlights on Your Own?

Renowned hairstylist and famous YouTuber Brad Mondo always recommends not making hasty decisions when it comes to hair color. However, he knows us women all too well: sometimes we want change and we want it NOW! Doing this at home may seem scary at first, but with a little patience and precision, you’ll see beautiful results Just make sure you’ve done your homework first! To help you on this quest to highlight your natural beauty and femininity, here’s a step-by-step tutorial from our favorite Brad Mondo, showing how to achieve balayage at home the right way:

NB! Balayage is essentially made up of strips of bleached hair, but thinner and less hard-looking than classic highlights. That’s why we recommend doing it at home, as the result will be more subtle and the process easier.

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