Ash blonde hair – beautiful shades for different hair colors

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Ash blonde hair is a combination of cold silvery elegance and luxury with dashes of blond. Many women know that when you want to change and refresh something in your appearance the easiest way to do that is to change the hairstyle or the color. This is a simple and effective method to give yourself a new, unusual and interesting look. The most crucial moment is the selection of the right shade of dye. Some women make their own choices and dye their hair by themselves others trust professional colorists.


Ash blonde hair varieties and color shades

trendy hairstyles ashy blonde for medium long hair


It is good to know that ash colors are almost impossible to find in nature, so if you meet a girl with exquisite silvery-ashy hair, you can be sure that this is as a result of professional coloring. Nowadays ashy colors are among the most fashionable and popular as they can change the look of any woman and make it elegant and romantic. However, silvery-ashy shades accent on the overall skin condition, highlighting all the problems that you may want to hide.

Ash blonde hair can have different shades which differ in their saturation and brightness and depending on the personal preferences you can choose the one that suits you best. The most popular are light blonde with an ashy tone which is the choice of naturally blonde women, light ash with light brown is somewhat darker, and the gray tone is more hushed. However, ash blonde hair is definitely not suitable for brunettes unless they undergo a series of decolorization.

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How to know whether ash blonde hair will suit you?

modern ash blonde hair pixie hair cut

When you consider going for an ash blonde hair you need to keep in mind a few factors which have a great effect on the overall appearance – face shape, skin color, etc. Some people will tell you that ash blond shades are universal but this is not quite right. You should choose the shade very carefully. Ashy tones can be light, dark or medium and each of these shades has its own characteristics.

Ash blonde color is ideal for all girls with light skin and gray, blue or green eyes but not suitable for dark-complexioned girls. In addition these shades are not recommended for women with large facial features as they enhance them and make the face look even larger. Ashy color is similar to gray, and therefore this shade is not recommended for women in adulthood and skin with multiple wrinkles. The silvery tone of the hair can add a few extra years, which is absolutely undesirable for women over 40 years of age. This type of hairstyle is not suitable for red hair either nor for asymmetrical haircuts. The best you can do if you are fascinated by ash blonde hair photos that you see on the Internet or in magazines is to consult with a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to give you a good advice taking into consideration the natural color of your hair, your skin and face.


trendy long ash blonde hair

light ashy shades for long hair

how to make ash shades for long hair

Emma Stone retro hairstyle

dark ashy shades for long hair

cool trendy ash tone for long hair

cool ashy tones wavy hair

ashy blonde for short hair ideas

ash ombre hair for dark hair color

long wavy hair with ombre effect

ash hair with ombre effect

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