Grey ombre hair – ideas for the most fashionable dyeing

by Kremy

fashionable hair colors gray ombre

Grey ombre hair became popular thanks to celebrities who dyed their hair in the most spectacular shades of gray. From silver, graphite, steel, pearl to shades of asphalt, this is one of the main trends in hairstyling. We have selected an inspiring collection of grey ombre, which looks incredible.

grey ombre hair with blue shades


If you believe the modern legend, this technique was introduced by stylists, inspired by the look of the surfing girls in California. The hair of the girls was not dyed, it just got lighter during the summer period and simply grew in winter, which gave such an unusual result – a smooth transition from one color to another. The ombre dyeing technique does not have strict rules as far as colors and proportions are concerned, but it is more or less based on experimenting.


Grey ombre hair shades for a fashionable and elegant look


Grey ombre hair shades trendy hairstyle ideas

Hairdressers-colorists create an exceptional smoky gray, silvery gray or dark grey ombre which are recommended for both summer and winter. A good professional can offer you a unique combination of shades of gray whether you are blonde or brunette, based on the natural color of your hair and personal preferences. This is an excellent choice for girls who do not want radical changes, but wish to experiment and change their look. Gray color can be incredibly soft, thinly melting, starting from the roots to the ends of the hair (or vice versa) and gradually changing to light ash. Grey ombre hair is quite universal and is suitable for both girls, young women and women of mature age. The particular way that the shades of grey are combined will depend on many factors – some women prefer more saturated graphite shades while others give their preference to dominating lighter mouse or silvery shades. Fashionable girls prefer the avant-garde style adding blue or violet to the grey dye.


Types of grey ombre hair and dyeing techniques


long hair with ombre effect gray black


To create an interesting effect, it is important to choose the right technique in order to achieve an excellent result, not a shocking sight. Consult with a professional colorists as they will be able to advise you for the technique which will suit you best.

Classic ombre is based on two colors and the transition from the roots of the hair to their ends is very smooth from dark on top to light at the bottom.

Reverse ombre is another popular technique with a really soft look. The shades transition goes from light top to darker at the bottom.

Vintage ombre is a variety of dyeing technique, which is considered as a new method and the result is reminiscent of overgrown hair. This is best option if you have decided to stop dyeing your hair and return to your natural color.

Transverse ombre is a technique alternating smooth changes in dark and light shades from the middle of the hair length towards the ends. It is best if you trust an experienced colorist for this type of ombre and avoid DIY attempts.



how to make an ombre gray hair


trendy hair colors ombre effect for long hair

original hairstyle braids grey ombre hair color

modern hairstyles ombre dye techniques

Grey ombre hair fashionable look

dark gray ombre for long hair

Classic ombre dark top light ends

black gray ombre ideas



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