Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week 2023: Chic and Trendy Hairstyles Ideas!

by Kremy

New York Fashion Week is over, but the hairstyles left a lasting impression. The stunning fusion of 90s, Y2Ks and modern hairstyles rocked the runways and streets at one of the world’s biggest fashion shows. So, why not take inspiration from these magnificent styles and adopt one of the hair trends from New York Fashion Week 2023?

hair trends from new york fashion week 2023 braids

Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week 2023

Hairstyle trends 2023 are booming! Do you like fashion? Then, like us, you have followed New York fashion week 2023 since September 13! Not only did the world’s greatest designers showcase their latest creations, but hair styling also caused havoc! Fashions come and go, but old trends always stay true to their style and reappear every ten years. Since Y2K and the ’90s have always been popular, a certain nostalgia for this period was clearly evident both on the catwalks and among the fashion week attendees. If you want to take inspiration from the most fashionable people and adopt a lovely new hairstyle to start fall in style… Well, you’ve come to the right place! So, the hair trends from New York Fashion Week 2023… Let’s take a look together!

The Trendy Bun 2023

bun hairstyle 2023


Do you remember the Pammy Updo hairstyle? This beautiful romantic hairstyle from the late 90s and early 2000s is still going strong. The symphony of hair dancing around the face is mesmerizing and its simplicity creates an intriguing look… And since almost every haircut recalls this era of total femininity and sex appeal, this hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.

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Braids in All Their Varieties

hairstyle trends fall winter 2023

Trendy African braids, also called box braids, are here again! Fashion Week was marked by the presence of beautiful women sporting this trendy hairstyle! A very common style involved placing shells or translucent stones on the ends of the hair to achieve the WOW effect.

The Short Bob 2023

bob haircut 2023 trends

If you’ve been a DeaVita reader for a while, you may have already noticed that we put the bob haircut on a pedestal. The timelessness and class of this hairstyle transcend time and space. It is therefore no surprise that we noticed that many women sported this haircut. With or without bangs, straight, wavy or curly, the bob haircut never disappoints with its elegance and variety.

Sleek Pixie Haircut

pixie haircut trends 2023

We love the pixie haircut! BUT! During New York Fashion Week 2023, we noticed that the sleek pixie style dominated the catwalks. This is a slightly longer, but thinner, version of the pixie cut. However, the technique involves coating the hair with gel and carefully twisting it around the face to frame it nicely and achieve a unique hairstyle. It is extremely flattering and ideal for parties!

Y2k Is Back: The Bow Tie

y2k hairstyle trends

The year 2000 is here to stay and with it, all its fabulous accessories! We noticed another trend during fashion week: bow ties of all shapes and sizes on different hairstyles. While girly and trendy, the bow tie can also be very classy and transform your hairstyle from nada to Prada in no time! If you’re short of ideas or in a hurry to get out the door, but don’t have time to style your hair, adding a bow tie is a game-changer.

Other Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week 2023

fall 2023 hairstyle trends

Say hello to voluminous braids!

short bob trends 2023

The very short bob haircut is the star on the catwalks!

long grunge hair

Combine bow ties with grunge style like Courtney Love!

african bun hairstyle

A braided bun with two braids framing the face? Perfect!

hair trends from new york fashion week 2023

We warned you about bow ties…

hairstyle trends 2023

Bow ties are everywhere! And we’re obsessed!

braids hairstyle trends fall 2023

Hair trends from New York Fashion Week 2023

new york fashion week 2023 celebrites

Celebrities at New York Fashion Week 2023

jennifer lopez new york fashion week 2023

Jennifer Lopez keeps it simple with her bun

hair trends from new york fashion week 2023 blake lively

Blake Lively looks lovely with her curls!

hairstyle trends fall 2023 new york fashion week

Hayley Williams and her bangs hairstyle

kesha avril new york fashion week celebrites

Kesha & Avril adopt straight hair



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