5 Ideas for Attractive Cub Cut Hairstyle in 2023 + Why It’s So Trendy

by Radost P.

Changing your hairstyle from time to time may inspire you to achieve the big things in life that you are after. In 2023, one of the trends is cub cut hairstyle. In case you have been on social media recently, you most probably have noticed video creators with a cub cut hair. If you are still wondering what it is, this article is for you. Even if you know, but need some haircut ideas to experiment with, you will find the top ones here.

cub cut hairstyle classic and modern style haircut

What is a Cub Cut?

This kind of hairstyle is a version of the popular wolf cut. It is also called chopped bob, since it is a mix between these two. Celebrities like Billie Eilish and Emily Ratajkowski were also seen with a cub cut hair. If you want to look even bolder and more confident, you can pair this haircut with bangs. The look will be stylish and modern. One tip from us – if you prefer your hair to have a straight and polished look, this isn’t the right match for you. Generally, that cut is best for summer, since it’s short and makes you feel comfortable. According to professional hairstylists, this is the edgy version of wolf cut. Keep on reading for styling-related tips and ideas.

How to Style a Cub Cut Hairstyle at Home

cub cut hair dark hair modern haircut


Thanks to the waves or curls, associated with the cub cut, your hair looks more dimensional and healthy. This is the whole idea behind this style. The great news is that this wolf cut variation is easy to maintain in a good condition. So, you don’t need to worry about high-maintenance routines and wasting time on styling. Most of the time, the cub cut is a wash-and-go kind of hairstyle. Here are some tips from us, though. You may use a high-quality repair spray from time to time in order to protect your hair from heat. This is especially important if you are regularly using a hairdryer, or you wish to improve your hair’s shine. In terms of hairstylists appointments, experts suggest visiting the salon every two months. Also, if you are not sure how to explain to your stylist that you want to get the cub cut, you could also say ‘a bob with choppy layers’.

Top Ideas for Beautiful and Stylish Cub Cut Hairstyle

cub cut 2023 trendy ideas how to look stylish

If you have no idea what options exist or can’t decide which is the right one for you, this section is for you.

Feathered Cub Cut Hairstyle

trendy hairstyles for thin hair feathered haircut 2023

If you tend to have a thin, fine hair, this might be the right cub cut option for you. This style creates a carefree look that makes you look modern and stylish. It suits amazingly on blonde and brown hair, since it emphasizes your eyes and brows.

Beautiful and Simple Cub Cut with Fringe

best haircut for parties best hairstyles for short hair

Honestly, this is one of our favorite suggestions. It is great for parties and even more formal kinds of events. As we mentioned earlier, bangs are a great addition for cub cut hair. It looks so elegant and beautiful that all eyes will be on you. You should definitely show this picture to your stylist!

A Curly or Wavy Cub Cut Style

curly or wavy haircut wolf cut modern and stylish

This kind of hairstyle provides a natural movement and volume to your hair, making it look strong and healthy. We absolutely suggest trying it out, especially in spring or summer. It offers flexibility, so you can wear it in whatever way you prefer, even when going to the gym.

Red Cub Cut Hairstyle for Confident Ladies

red cub cut for bold ladies great haircuts for ladies

If you are the kind of woman that prefers to go bold with her hairstyle choices, this option might be for you. It works great both for thin and thick hairs, so no matter your hair type, you will look glamorous. As you probably know, red is known to be one of the most attractive colors.

Classy Black Cub Cut Idea

cub cut hairstyle curly or wavy haircut wolf cut


Isn’t this amazing? It is a classy and traditional kind of cub cut that suits all skin and eye colors. If you choose this option, rest assured that your natural beauty will be emphasized. Besides, it’s compatible with all outfits, so you don’t need to limit yourself when it comes to clothing.

In a nutshell, the cub cut hairstyle is trending in 2023, and you might not want to miss trying it. That is a stylish and attractive wolf cut variation that looks amazing on all face shapes and hair types. So, the end result is that it makes your hair look more voluminous and strong. As a bonus, the styling routine doesn’t take much time. As a mix between bob and wolf cut, this is a great option for women who prefer the chick and short kinds of haircuts. We hope that we gave you all the information that you needed regarding the new hairstyle trend.

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