Cub Cut: The trendiest bob hairstyle to see anywhere in 2023

by Kremy

Bob hairstyles are so popular right now that it seems like there is a new variation on the market every day. Yet somehow each new haircut seems more compelling and flattering than the last. Which brings us to the cub cut, the newest style that upgrades a well-known bob.

Cub Cut: The latest trend for spring

The cub cut is the trending hairstyle for 2023

The cub cut is the latest trend that will add a cool touch to your style. And the best thing about this haircut is that it is versatile, suits many different fashion styles and looks good on practically any hair type.

What is a cub haircut anyway?

The cub cut is a shorter wolf cut


The cub cut is a combination of two last season styles, the bob and the wolf cut. It’s the trend of the season with a soft layering, making it one of the most versatile looks.

This haircut is a shorter bob version of the wolf cut. That means the longest strands should barely touch your shoulders. Just like the wolf cut, the cub cut should have lots of well-blended layers. It prevents the harsh lines and provides an even weight distribution.

The cool trendy hairstyle

The trendy cub cut with lowlight

Add some highlights to this haircut to show off the movement and texture in this beautifully styled cub cut. And the best part is that it suits all face shapes.

The trendy haircut for medium-length hair

modern cub hairstyle for medium length hair

A mix of heavy, stacked fringes and heavily layered tips is the best choice for straight, thicker hair. Emphasize the texture of this cut with color: bright highlights add more dimension and movement.

The cub cut with curtain bangs

The cub cut with curtain bangs is a flattering hairdo for the spring


The haircut is ideal for creating volume and adding movement to your hair. Deliberately messy and unstyled, it gives you an effortlessly cool look. The cut can be adjusted to suit your preferences. This includes how you want to style the hairdo and the curtain bangs are a great addition. The bangs frame the face like curtains on a window and are incredibly flattering. It can be long or short, full or wispy, and will transform your hair and accentuate your features.

Blonde cub haircut

shoulder length cub hairstyle suits every hair type

Try this shoulder length haircut with choppy layers and bangs to be on top of trends. It’s also the style of the season. This versatile hairstyle takes the weight out of thicker hair and adds volume to fine hair.

The curly cub cut with bangs

The trendy cub hairstyle for curly hair

The cub cut suits every hair type, including curly hair, and it even looks particularly good as the layers show off the curls. A good stylist knows that curly hair shrinks as it dries. This means that the actual haircut should be longer when the hair is wet.

Evenly layered haircut

Try this elegant layered haircut

This hairstyle is stylish and perfect if you want to try a medium length haircut without dramatically changing your style. A hairstyle with long layers, gently layered bangs and subtle face framing is easy to style and maintain. When styling this cut, it’s important to use a flat iron to make waves that create an effortless, vibrant finish.

The hip hairstyle for spring

The cub cut is very easy to style low maintanance hairstyles 2023

This haircut has the classic wolf cut shape, fuller at the top and tapered at the bottom. The layers give it structure, but it still feels more relaxed and less dramatic than other variations.

And how to style this haircut? The less you do, the better as the natural movement in the hair is what gives it its magic. By blow-drying the bangs and letting the rest of the hair air dry, the result is easy and hassle-free.

The cub cut in ash grey

Modern short hairstyle in ash grey

This ash gray hairstyle elevates the overall style with the varying lengths. Colored, face-framing highlights and bangs create an anime-inspired look.

The Red Cub Cut

Red Cub Cut The trendy hairstyle for spring

This red haircut literally screams 70s retro look. With the bold choice of red hair color and flirty layers, this look is sure to turn heads. A flexible hairspray and a curling iron really show off this layered hairstyle. It looks amazing on almost every face shape. Structured cuts create a breezy, messy look that never goes out of style.

Short hairstyle with color accents

Blonde Cub Haircut With pops of color

The classic bob is no longer an option, so give your hair a new, modern shape with this cub cut. Ask your stylist for some pops of color that will frame your face and you’ll be ready for the new summer season.

The messy trend hairstyle for thick hair

trendy hairstyle for wavy thick hair

Want a new haircut but can’t choose the right one? Try a messy cub cut with waves if you have thick hair. It gives your hair the perfect shape to lighten the big bulk especially when you are struggling with the amount of hair. Talk to your stylist about thinning your hair and ask for lots of texture.




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