Curly hairstyles 2023: Check out how to show off your curls proudly!

by Gabby

Curly or wavy hair is said to be both a blessing and a curse! Curls don’t always sit the way you want them to, often become extremely voluminous or just freezy and do whatever they want. Does that mean you should use your straightening iron every day? No way! Because there are comfortable, modern curly hairstyles 2023 that show off your natural curls wonderfully and still fit your lifestyle. Let’s check them out today!

Curly hairstyles 2023: Why is the right haircut so important?

curly hairstyles 2023 wavy hair natural how to style it

It’s about time curly hair finally got the recognition it deserves. Nevertheless, many curly-haired girls are still trying to figure out what exactly to do with their hair. We know all too well that a good day starts with the right and perfect hairstyling. But the cuts and techniques that work for straight hair don’t always translate to curly hair. For example, the blunt haircut is not always an option for curly hair.

In order to tame a curly mane, you need not only the right styling products but also the right haircut. Layered haircuts for curly hair can work wonders and are the right choice for any hair length. A good layered cut will add definition to your curls and help them fall beautifully and frame your face. When curly hair is only one length, the weight of the whole hair can pull down the curls and throw them out of shape. Layers allow the strands to move more freely.

How to cut curly hair – wet or dry?

wet or dry to cut curly hair


When it comes to whether curly hair should be cut wet or dry, the opinions may differ. Many stylists prefer the traditional technique of cutting hair while wet, while others insist that curls are so variable when wet that curly hair should only be cut dry because it can be styled dry.

Ideally, the hairdresser should combine both techniques. If there’s a lot of length to remove, it’s easier to start wet and just blunt trim the ends. As for layers, most should be cut dry so you can see the curl pattern and know exactly where the length or curl will end up. Freehand cutting on dry hair is a great approach to creating a natural look and avoiding over layering the hair or cutting layers too short.

What is the best haircut for curly hair?

As much as we love a definite answer, there is no one-size-fits-all cut for curly hair. The perfect haircut for you depends on several factors including your hair type, hair texture, length and most importantly your desires. If you need some inspiration, we have compiled modern curly hairstyles for every hair length that will make your curls look spectacular.

Modern curly hairstyles: the most beautiful ideas from short to long

Modern curly hairstyles the most beautiful ideas from short to long

Short, bouncy curls look fantastic with long, straight or side-swept bangs. You can straighten the bangs slightly or leave them curly like the rest of the hair. Subtle highlights add texture and dimension to your hairstyle. Punk hairstyles with messy curls and edgy bangs also go well with short hair. And if you are a mature woman with curly hair, check out the natural curly hairstyles for women over 60 to try in 2023!

Medium length curly hair

Medium length curly hair

Big, loose waves, medium-length bouncy curls, and smaller ringlets all pair perfectly with shoulder-length haircuts. Stylists recommend tousled hairstyles with waves and curls, as well as beach waves and maximum natural looks. Most women who have naturally curly hair are unsure about bob hairstyles as the curls usually shrink and not only look shorter than expected but also overly voluminous. If your hair is very dense, you can have it thinned from the inside to end up with an appealing shape. The length should also be considered. That being said, you should not be hasty in dismissing the idea of ​​a bob haircut even if your hair is naturally curly. The Curly Lob is a particularly popular hairstyle that flatters the face wonderfully at shoulder-length. If you want something shorter, check out the trendy curly bob hairstyles in 2023!

Modern curly hairstyles 2023 for long hair

modern curly hairstyles 2023 for long hair

Even with long hair, you have several options for the cut: defined curls, natural, airy waves or playful ringlets. To take the weight out of long curls, we recommend layering, which gives your long hairstyle a flawless look. The layered cut can be subtle or pronounced, depending on the look being achieved.

Other curly hairstyles 2023

curly pixie haircut for short hair

The short curly bob looks beautiful with big curls and creates tons of volume 

short curly bob haircut 2023

Curly Pixie haircut 2023 

curly pixie haircut for women with short hair

Medium-length haircut combines perfectly with long face-framing layers 

medium length haircut curly face framing layers

Layered long curls can be spiced up perfectly with highlights 

long curly hair with layers and highlights

Combine the modern V-cut for curly hair with a fringed fringe 

curtain bangs for curly hair 2023


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