Trendy curly bob hairstyle: 18 variations that look best at 40 or 50!

by Kremy

The bob is a type of hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Over time, the bob haircut has undergone hundreds of transformations to meet the taste of the times. In 2023, we’re learning to accept our natural hair structure, so we’ve decided to present a special selection for women with naturally curly hair who are often excluded from bob sisterhood, for reasons already outdated. And while a teenage girl can make the curly bob hairstyle work effortlessly, for ladies in their 40s+, it takes an extra dose of style. So, here’s how to do it!

Which curly bob hairstyle enhances the mature face?

Trendy curly bob hairstyle women 40 50 years

The truth that many stylists don’t tell us is that you can actually wear most bobs on curly hair, contrary to widespread belief. It’s the maintenance that can be quite tricky, but it happens when the haircut is not done according to our own type of hair. The key is to find a hairstylist with some experience with curls who can give the curly bob hairstyle the optimal shape so that the strands curl naturally or with minimal help.

curly bob hairstyles women over 40 50 hair trends


Of course, good examples of styles that flatter curls vary greatly depending on the type of hair and the effect you want to achieve. We can mention the inverted bob, the layered, “shaggy” or rounded bob, the different haircuts with bangs (in some cases), the box bob, etc. Check them out in detail in the photo gallery below and decide which hairstyle appeals to you the most!

The very chic short layered bob

short curly bob women 50 year old copper hair color

When curly, the layered bob hairstyle is no match for the bob for straight hair! Elegant and versatile, it rejuvenates its wearer flawlessly and adds volume to strategic places! The only ones to avoid it are ladies with very thick hair and stiff hair.

The curly bob hairstyle which is shorter on the neck is definitely classy!

curly bob ideas hairstyle trends

Shaved neck and layered lengths add volume from the roots

trendy bob hairstyles curly hair trends

Very dramatic “triangle” effect to enhance curls in 2023

layered short bob curly hairstyles trends

The long shaggy bob that takes years off your face

long box shaggy bob with bangs curly hairstyles trends

Beware of opinions that the so-called retro chic shaggy haircut is just a girl thing! In fact, when you have enough hair on your head and you like longer lengths, it can make you look not only younger, but also bold and full of unparalleled rock n’ roll flair!

The 80s long shag is not just for teenage girls!

trendy long layered bob shaggy hairstyle with bangs

The rounded curly bob cut with bangs looks awesome retro chic

trendy retro rounded bob with bangs woman at 30 40

A close look at the curly bob hairstyle with bangs

rounded bob with bangs curly bob hairstyles trend

Yes, bangs hairstyles were definitely back in 2022 and they will continue to be all the rage for seasons to come. Their indisputable star? It’s curtain bangs! Frankly, this one isn’t the perfect option for a curly bob hairstyle, but there are plenty of other great hairstyles to consider!

Curtain bangs are one of the most favorite choice of women

Trendy curly bob hairstyle medium length bob with curtain bangs

Superb idea for thick hair to choose after 40 or 50 years of age

short curly bob thick hair women 40 years 50 years ideas

The rejuvenating and original “box bob”

Trendy curly bob hairstyle women layered box bob with bangs

Did you know that the box bob is one hairstyle is one of the top anti-aging hairstyle options to consider? It is most often seen done on straight or slightly wavy hair, however, it is impeccably suited to those charming lovely strands which are also trending in 2023!

Adapt the length of your curly bob hairstyle to your face shape

curly bob hairstyle trends classic rounded layered with bangs

Adding blonde highlights is also possible, if you want to hide white hair

curly bob hairstyle women 40 50 years layered bob

Curly bob hairstyle for thin hair

bob hairstyle for thin hair with side swept bangs

Finally, if your hair is thin or straight, which is often the case after 40 and especially after 50, the short curly bob hairstyle shaped backwards or on the side is a must! It’s up to you to decide how far off-center the parting would be, but be aware that the further it moves, the more powerful the eye-catching effect. That’s it!

When the hair is fine or thin, style the curls backwards

Trendy curly bob hairstyle women 40 50 years thin hair

Bob with beautiful curls on the side for more volume from root to tip

wavy curly bob hairstyle for women over 40 50 hair trends

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