Dress over pants: Chic ideas on how to style this trend that is coming back from the 2000’s!

by Gabby

If you ever wondered how to style a dress over pants, you are certainly not alone! It is a tricky business to say the least and not everyone can pull it off. However, the confusing combination can become one of your favorite things to wear in 2023. I have selected some of the best outfits for you to check out and maybe pick one to try!

A dress over pants: The comeback of the 2000’s

dress over pants outfit combinations ideas inspiration fashion trends 2023

The early 2000’s trends of dressing in layers turned traditional styling on its head. This era was truly chaotic in the best way possible. For one, the possibilities of layering are endless, encouraging everyone to play and experiment with clothing, and break the rules of fashion. Because it’s so counterintuitive, overdoing this style is really the only way to make it work. Check out these ideas here for you to try to copy the old dress-over-pants combo. Believe me this will become one of the fashion trends in 2023!

Dress over pants: Star easy with a matching set!

dress over pants matching set ideas green color outfit inspiration


With this trend that we see on both the runways and the streets, some labels are offering matching sets, mostly in monochromatic colors, prints, textures and even matching fabrics. You really can’t go wrong with something like that. Pair a satin dress with the matching trousers for a light, breezy and elegant look. This gives the whole outfit a really sophisticated and fashionable touch.

Play it safe with neutral colors!

how the 2000s are coming back in style outfit inspiration fashion ideas

Neutral shades like black, white, camel, khaki, navy or gray are something you could never wrong with. The neutral shirt dress worn over skinny jeans looks extra sophisticated with an even longer coat. Here you can use colors, textures or prints on your bag or shoes to make the entire outfit more interesting.

How to wear a maxi dress over jeans?

how to wear a maxi dress over jeans i

Playing with colors to give some contrast to your outfit is the right way to go. With the right length and the right cut of the jeans under the maxi dress you can achieve a perfect combination of dress over pants. Even showing just a hint of denim adds an undeniably cool edge to your look. Wear ankle boots and only show the bottom part of your jeans to add an unexpected twist to a casual outfit.

Dress over pants: You can try to play with textures!

the comeback of the 2000s ideas blue maxi dress white pants

Try to wear white straight-leg pants with a knit dress. Then play with textures and colors and choose the right accessories to complete the look!

Winter outfit idea with a dress over pants

winter outfit ideas dress over pants 2023 discover the latest fashion trends

It’s fun to play with layers and rock the trend, especially in winter times. Don’t be afraid to go a little over the top and mix things up. Combine different clothing pieces that are suitable for the season. For example, wear a summer dress over jeans, ankle boots and a leather coat and see how they go together perfectly. You can also try wearing an oversized coat over a dress, matched with a pair of jeans and heeled ankle boots in neutral tones.

How to look absolutely chic with this trendy outfit?

trendy outfit ideas for 2023 women fashion clothing jeans dress

There was a time when slip dresses were only for summer, but that’s over. With leather pants or jeans and a turtleneck sweater, you can also wear your favorite pieces in winter.

How to combine voluminous dresses with pants?

voluminous dress with jeans ideas outfit inspiration fashion 2023

Voluminous dresses have been the defining trends of the 2020’s so far, so pairing them with jeans or a pair of trousers isn’t a bad idea. With dresses over pants already being a layering trend, the “more is more” combination gives the trend a modern update.

Asymmetrical look

asymmetrical outfit ideas dress blazer fashion trends

Styling a dress over pants is indeed a difficult task. After all, the dress is meant to be worn alone, so it can be a little awkward when we suddenly use it as a top. Luckily, the asymmetric line is trending right now, making the transition a little easier.

Wear an unbuttoned shirt-dress over jeans

shirt dress unbuttoned look with jeans casual outwear outfit ideas

If you’re wearing a shirt-dress, don’t button it all the way down. Leave most of the buttons undone from the waist down to create a fabulously flowy look.

Dress over pants:  How to create this bold leather look?

leather matching set outfit inspiration trendy 2023

To add some spice to this trend, try a leather look. A seductive black mini dress layered over black pants is a must-have combo. To soften the look a bit, tie a multicolored cardigan around your shoulders as a makeshift scarf.

Animal print outfit idea

animal print outfit ideas 2023 fashion trends how to style a dress

The length of the dress when belted and slightly flared over is just perfect with these pants. The colors of all elements appear harmonious without making the look effortless. The animal print dress falls over the smooth leather pants, creating a mix of textures.


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