How to wear long hair over 70? 5 trendy hairstyles for a youthful look + tips and tricks on styling

by Kristiyana

Is it okay to wear your hair long after 70? We agree that hairdressers recommend cutting your hair as you age, as it tends to become thin and sparse. But, if you have a beautiful, healthy, vibrant head of hair, it’s perfectly possible to keep your lengths even if they are thinner. One of the questions on your mind probably is, “How do I wear my hair long when I’m 70?”. If you’re at a loss for ideas, our editors have come to the rescue with some great hairstyles! Keep on reading to find out about the top 5 trendy hairstyles to achieve a youthful look with long hair after 70, plus some tips and tricks on styling them!

Does long hair make you look younger?


Contrary to popular belief, long hair does not age, and you can keep it even after 70. However, it is important to know some basic rules in order to adopt a very youthful look. First, know that layered cuts are preferred because they tend to add volume to the hair—a crucial move after 40. Second, the care for a long mane at 70 is far from the same as at 25. Here, moisturizing and using anti-ageing products is an absolute requirement! And third, you need to pay attention to your hair colour, because some shades have the ability to make you look older. Now, please read on to find out how to wear long hair at 70 without making any wrong decisions! Our editors present you with 5 trendy hairstyle ideas.

How to wear long hair over 70?



Straight, layered, slightly wavy or curly hair… the hairstyle for a 70-year-old woman will change according to your desires and hair texture. There are suggestions for every style and preference. So, which of the following ideas do you like best? Pay attention and find out!

Over 70 hairstyles for fine hair: Romantic waves with tapered bangs


Here’s a hairstyle for women in their 70s that ladies with fine manes are sure to appreciate. The subtle, softly waved layers create volume and movement, while the tapered bangs help hide forehead wrinkles. To achieve the wavy look, we recommend avoiding heated appliances as they will further weaken your already fine strands. If you don’t have natural wavy hair, you can look for some tips and tricks on how to achieve the wavy effect without heat, such as with a headband or straws.

We love the Money Piece hairstyle!


Who says that women in the 70s can’t enjoy a trendy hairstyle and make their gray hair stand out? What exactly are we talking about? So, have you heard of the Money Piece hair trend? A favourite of girls of all ages, this colouring technique enhances your face features and brightens your complexion. It lightens the strands around the face by one or two shades and works on all hair colours. In other words, enhance your gray mane with two lighter strands that will nicely surround your face.

To finish off your rejuvenating look, use soft layers and a light blow-dry to help structure the mane. Plus, this is a 70-year-old woman’s hairstyle with glasses to die for! So if you have your own pair, confidently wear them with this glamorous cut!

Viva Magenta curtain bangs and highlights for a top 70s hairstyle


Do you have a daring spirit? If your answer is yes, you’re sure to love our next idea! This hairstyle for a 70-year-old woman with glasses features a curtained fringe that not only gently frames the face, but is also one of the hottest hair trends of the past few months. How about betting on the colour of the year 2023 Viva Magenta to wear your hair long at 70 the right way?

Thick bangs to hide forehead lines

hairstyles with bangs for gray hair_bangs hairstyles

Opting for thick bangs is a great way to camouflage forehead wrinkles and give structure to your mane in general. To style it, first spray with heat protectant spray and use a round brush and the hair dryer on low heat. Wear your lengths slightly wavy to create volume.

How to wear your hair long at 70? Go for the reverse sweep!

long hairstyles for gray hair_gray hairstyles

And here’s the best way to make your long, gray hair look great at 70: reverse balayage on white and gray hair! Unlike classic balayage, which lightens the lengths, this colouring technique aims to achieve the opposite effect. It gives darkness, texture, and depth to the mane. Worth the try, don’t you think?

To conclude, wearing long hair over 70 doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are many ways you can keep your hair looking great and fashionable while avoiding the dreaded ‘grandma look’! Keeping your hair healthy is essential to its longevity. Make sure to regularly use heat protectant products, deep conditioners, and any other treatments that help maintain shine and nourishment. And lastly – don’t forget about the power of a good haircut! Ask for advice from your stylist on how best to style your face shape with longer locks. With these simple tips in mind, there is no reason why anyone over 70 shouldn’t feel confident rocking their long tresses! Have fun girls!

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