5 Tips and Tricks How to Improve Your Bullet Journaling with a Craft Knife

by Kremy

Bullet journaling is a popular way to stay focused on the things you want and need to do. A bullet journal could help you if you struggle to keep up with everyday tasks like six in 10 Americans, but it’s much more than just a diary. You can express your creativity, and experiment with various design techniques to record personal and professional achievements with flair.

You only need a few items to get started. The first is a notebook. You can pick any you like, whether it has lined or blank pages. Just make sure it’s sturdy and convenient to carry in your bag. You’ll also need pens in your favorite colors.

Improve Your Bullet Journaling with a Craft Knife

Another essential part of bullet journaling is a craft knife. It’s vital that you choose one designed for precision cutting and handling; these are ideal for experimenting with various materials, from paper to tape. A high-quality craft knife allows for incredible accuracy. You can smoothly cut almost any shape and different materials with hobby knives which will help you make even the most curved or intricate patterns.

Improved safety is another significant benefit of using a craft knife when bullet journaling, especially one with a safety blade. These have rounded tips and are made to reduce your risk of injury while cutting materials. The handle should offer a stable grip, such as a cross-hatch grip, with a no-roll design to keep you in control at all times.

So you’ve got your notebook, your pens, and your craft knife. Now what? Let’s check out five tips to help you get crafty with your bullet journaling.

Experiment with Dutch Doors to Transform Your Bullet Journal

Transform Your Bullet Journal 5 Tips and Ideas


Making Dutch doors is one of the biggest bullet journaling trends—and with great reason! This is a simple way to transform your journal and cultivate an amazingly fresh format.

It’s based on traditional Dutch doors in the home: They’re split in two, horizontally across the center. That means you can open the top half but keep the bottom half closed.

How does that work with your bullet journal? You cut pages along the middle so you can go back and forth by flipping the top or bottom sections. For example, you can keep the top half as your daily task lists for one week, and the bottom half for notes or pictures covering that period.

A craft knife makes creating a clean, neat cut on your pages quick and easy. Use a ruler to draw a straight line before you cut, and keep it in place to guide your blade.

Don’t make Dutch doors on every page to start with, though. Experiment with a few in one section so you can get used to the format first.

Cut Out Photos with Precision to Illustrate Completed Tasks

Cut Out Photos with Precision to Illustrate Completed Tasks

Get visual with your bullet journal to prove you’ve accomplished goals, whether you complete a marathon for charity or you achieve that certification at work. Adding photos from your life adds more texture to your journal and diversifies its look.

But if you don’t want to take up too much space by gluing full pictures onto pages, just cut out the most important parts and stick them in. A craft knife with a secure grip will help you steer the blade around curves and more precisely along tight lines.

Use Stencils and a Craft Knife to Create Letters for Bold, Exciting Headers

colorful paper and stickers scrapbook journal materials

Tired of writing headers for your bullet journal by hand? It can all start to look the same after a while. Grab a stencil, draw letters and numbers on colored paper or a card, then cut them out with your craft knife.

You’ll have a selection you can use to stick in vibrant dates and headers (e.g., “Work Goals for October 25 – 31!”). They’ll add color and dynamism to any page.

Alternatively, use your craft knife to cut bold headlines from magazines and stick them onto pages for an even easier trick.

Create Your Own Stickers to Bring Your Bullet Journal to Life

Create Your Own Stickers for Your Bullet Journal

Use a craft knife to cut out your own hand-drawn stickers and glue them onto pages. That’s a simple way to:

  • Draw attention to important events.
  • Add comments to goals and notes on experiences.
  • Include speech bubbles to turn your photos into comic books.
  • Motivate yourself with inspirational phrases or quotes.

Cut Washi Tape to Color Code Sections and Pages

Cut Washi Tape to Color Code Sections and Pages DIY Bullet Journal

Use washi tape to organize your bullet journal, and save time searching for specific dates or accomplishments.

You can cut washi tape easily with a craft knife, then stick it to pages with glue to create a color-coded system. Just use a small strip of tape for a colorful page marker, or use patterned designs to brighten your journal up.

Bonus Tip for Your New Craft Knife

Tip for Your New Craft Knife

Try these tips and tricks to improve your bullet journaling with a craft knife. A great cutting tool makes it easier to achieve precise, tidy cuts that make your journal look its best.

Here’s a final tip. Look for a craft knife with a zirconium oxide blade. This material never rusts, so you can wash glue, paint, and dirt off as much as you like without the worry of ruining it! It also lasts 11x longer than other traditional blades.




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