The most ‘youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair: 10 takes on grey hairstyles to look younger!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Are you tired of constantly worrying about covering your grey hairs? Wouldn’t you like to find a youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair that will greatly suit you? I know, it almost sounds too good to be true! But with grey becoming one of the trendiest hair colours for every girl to experiment with, so many new fabulous hairstyles have been born! Hairstyles, that will surely take away a few years from your appearance once you decide to try them. We have gathered information about which hairstyles for grey hair can make you look younger and will gladly share them with you to enjoy. Keep on reading to discover the top 10 takes on grey hairstyles that will make you look younger!

Youthful’ long wavy layers for grey hair

youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair_long grey hair

Let’s start our picks first with this stunning youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair! A lot of women tend to think that when you go grey you are supposed to keep your hair length either short or medium. But if you want to look younger, why not give a try at a long and layered wavy haircut? The layers will make your hair appear more voluminous, as from a certain age our hair tends to get thinner.

Soft long bob hairstyle for grey hair

silver lob hairstyle_gray long bob hair

For those of you who still want to go for a shorter hairstyle, opt for a soft or feathered gorgeous long bob! The bob hairstyle has been all the rage this year, with different versions of the trendy haircut arising every day. However, for a youthful appearance steer away of a bob that is too blunt, but go for a softer take such as this one.

Grey textured pixie cut for a youthful look

silver pixie cut_youthful haircuts

I know this next one is a favourite for a lot of you! Pixie cuts have been a choice for a youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair since forever. A lot of celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Dench have been sporting this fab look for many years now, and no one can say that it doesn’t greatly suit them. It’s stylish, elegant and gives you a care-free appearance.

Grey hairstyle for brunettes to look younger

youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair_youtful grey hairstyles

For girls who have darker hair, going grey can be especially difficult to handle. With blondes, gray hairs tend to appear more natural, whereas when you are a brunette they are more striking. Hence, for a more youthful look and an easier transition to gray/white hair, have a mixture of highlights and lowlights added to your dark hairstyle. That way, you will perfectly camouflage your grays and appear younger!

Look young with silver feathered bob hair

feathered-haircut_stylish grey hairstyles

Another fabulous bob hairstyle to try for a youthful look! Get the feathered bob to look classy and fabulous. Ask your stylist for layering that complements the shape of your face and will help you achieve natural hair volume. Moderate styling should be used with this hairstyle. Blow-dry until the hair is about 70% dry, then use a round brush to complete. Finish with a texture spray to hold the hair in place.

Youthful herringbone highlights hairstyle

herringbone highlights_herringbone highlights hairstyles

For blondes going grey, herringbone highlights are the colouring technique they need if they want to appear younger! The highlights consist of applying foils at an angle in a herringbone pattern. A mix of shades is used to softly blend the newfound grays with colours similar to them. This creates the perfect natural blonde-gray look!

Salt and pepper hair to look younger

salt and peper hair_youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair

Finally, we have arrived at the stunning salt and pepper hair colour look! A lot of people might think that grey hair makes you look older, but that is not the case with this trendy hairstyle! Salt and pepper looks have been a huge hair trend in the past years. The hairstyle is about having a soft blend of grey, silver and black hair. If you have more pepper (dark hair) you will need to include more salt (gray/silver), and vice versa to achieve the look!

Look young with a grey ombre pixie undercut

gray pixie cut_silver pixie cut

Another version of the pixie cut that also makes you look younger! If you want something with a bit of edge and super modern, go for the grey ombre pixie with a mix of undercut hairstyle. You can also include layers for further volume. Colouring the ends is completely up to you!

Youthful’ grey balayage with layers hairstyle

grey balayage with layers_how to look younger with grey hair

Talk about a fabulous, youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair! Embrace your natural grays and make it all about them with this beautiful silver balayage. A balayage is a soft blending of different tones to make your hair colour look more natural. For more dimension and movement, add layers to the hair. Isn’t it to die for?!

Youthful’ platinum highlights for grey hair

platinum highlights_youthful grey hairstyles

This hairstyle is for all you girls who don’t mind going grey, but still want to keep a youthful appearance! As going for the full-on white hair colour might be a bit too much of a transition, opt for platinum highlights! This way you will create dimension for your hair with smooth gradients.

I hope you found just what you were looking for with these 10 fabulous takes on youthful’ hairstyles for grey hair! Did you already choose your favourite ones? Well then, save their pictures, make an appointment at your favourite salon and off you go to go get your youthful grey hairstyle! Have fun!




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