Hairstyles for grey hair over 50: The medium-length haircuts that will make you look youthful!

by Gabby

There’s no denying that our hairstyle and hair color play an important role in how we look as we age. But many of the supposed “rules” that dictate everything from the best hair length for mature women to avoiding gray shades, just don’t apply anymore! While the hormonal and biological changes that occur with age do affect how our hair looks, we can still look amazing at any age! So it is time to embrace our grey hair and start loving it as it is! What are the hairstyles for grey hair over 50? How to make sure you look rejuvenated? Let’s find out!

Which are the best hairstyles for grey hair over 50?

hairstyles for grey hair over 50 women haircut trends medium length

When choosing your new hairstyle, it is essential to ask yourself exactly how long you want your hair to be. Long hair is considered taboo after a certain age, although it can also look beautiful with grey hair. Short hairstyles, on the other hand, are not for everyone and some women simply feel uncomfortable with a Pixie haircut. So the ideal length for many women over 50 is somewhere in the middle. Medium-length hairstyles are popular for a reason and also offer many great options for grey hair. Now let’s look at some of the trend hairstyles 2023 for medium length grey hair!

Shoulder-length haircut  with layers for women over 50

shoulder-length hair for women over 50 grey hairstyles


Layers are back and can transform your entire look. With a shoulder-length cut, a small transition looks very elegant and offers numerous variants for styling. For example, you can blow dry the shorter layers outwards and achieve this amazing look. If you prefer a short hair however, check out what are the trendiest short haircuts for grey hair in 2023!

Medium-length haircut: Layers and long bangs

medium-length haircut with layers and long bangs women over 50

The best combo for a flattering hairstyle over 50 is a layered cut and bangs. The different lengths in the hair can conceal small blemishes and wrinkles wonderfully. Long bangs are a great way to flatter the face and create a youthful look.

Hairstyles for grey hair over 50: A-line lob haircut 2023

a-line lob haircut for women with grey hair over 50

A short to medium length layered hairstyle is very versatile. From chin to shoulder-length, it can be worn sleek and shiny or messy. A long bob (lob) hairstyle is fairly easy to maintain and grows back well, so you can wait longer between cuts. There are many more variations to this hairstyle. Check out the grey lob haircut options that you can try out in 2023!

Inverted bob with bangs

inverted bob with bangs hairstyle for grey hair women over 50


A medium-length inverted bob is a haircut that falls between the collarbone and shoulders in the front and gets progressively shorter towards the back. This cut is one of the most sought after bob hairstyles around the world right now. It pairs beautifully with bangs and looks great with grey hair too.

Medium-length grey hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses

medium-length grey hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses

The glasses aren’t a bad thing either. But on the contrary! There are many hairstyles that can be perfectly complemented by them. One of the hairstyles is the shoulder-length bob with subtle layers at the ends of the hair. It suits straight grey hair perfectly and if you style it with a side parting, you will look absolutely trendy!

Medium-length shag haircut for women over 50

shag haircut for women over 50 grey hair

Do you remember the shag haircut? This layered haircut (still known as a mullet in the 80s) has recently made a comeback and offers itself as a particularly low-maintenance hairstyle. It can be worn short or longer but looks best on medium-length hair. In addition, there is traditionally the trendy curtain pony, which gives structure to the face. Perfectly flattering for older ladies with gray or white hair, this cut looks sassy and trendy.

Hairstyles for grey hair over 50: What to do with your curls?

hairstyles for grey curly hair women over 50

If you are naturally blessed with curly hair, then this hairstyle is the best choice for your gray hair! The medium length is perfect for giving volume and fullness to gray hair. Get the dry ends trimmed, and your mane will instantly look healthier and more vibrant. A center parting works perfectly with this haircut and for a youthful look you can consider some face-framing layers or bangs.


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