Short gray hairstyles 2023: This is the guide on how to look youthful for women over 50!

by Gabby

Hairstyles for short hair have not only gained a huge popularity, but also great versatility with a wide range of choices. Mature women in particular (but not only) opt for the easy-care variations, when their hair is gray, a little more unruly and thinner. Would you also like to finally get rid of your long hair that is hard to maintain and add some pep to your head with cool fringes, asymmetrical styles and more? We show you gray short hairstyles for 2023 that you can rock this year and feel confident!

Hairstyles for gray hair 2023: Embrace your natural beauty!

hairstyles for short gray hair 2023 easy to maintain style ideas haircut women over 50

If you stop dying your gray hair, that’s wonderful, because silvery gray hair looks particularly interesting and looks really flattering. Naturalness is not only in demand these days, but if done correctly, it can emphasize your femininity and, despite your hair color, even make you look younger, happier and fresher. That doesn’t mean you have to stop coloring overnight. On the contrary, because that would make your hair look unkempt. But there are great techniques that make the transition easier.

Short gray hairstyles: How to spice things up?

pixie haircut gray hair hairstyles in 2023 that are trendy for women over 50 natural look


Now, we present to you some trendy gray short hairstyles for 2023 that you can consider trying, the peppy gray stand out even more and fight against the aging look (success is guaranteed!). With your trendy haircut, you will need trendy outfits to complete your look. Check out what color to wear after 50, that will make you feel youthful and elegant.

The Pixie cut for short gray hair

pixie cut for short gray hair ideas on what hairstyle to try in 2023 natural look

It probably won’t surprise you, but the pixie is and will always be one of the most popular short hairstyles for gray hair, looking bold and rejuvenating. The messy look is becoming a favorite and the salt-and-pepper color effect in particular lets the pixie cut shine in a special light. Feel free to play with the lengths, such as doing some bangs to frame your face. If you want to look good with gray hair you will have to make sure it is the perfect shade. Learn how to remove yellow tones from your gray hair.

how to do my pixie haircut hairstyles ideas trends 2023 gray hair women over 50

While you can adjust hair length to your liking, as mentioned earlier, the shorter, the better in 2023. Consult your colorist, as the gray tone of your hair can also have some impact on the perfect pixie length. For example, the particularly short version works well with light, silvery hair, while darker shades of gray could be combined with longer hair.

Sleek Pixie cut

sleek pixie haircut how to style gray hair ideas 2023

Messy is trendy in 2023, but if your taste and the occasion require it, you can of course also style your hair straight back. This not only makes you look fashionable, but also ensures a certain elegance.

gray shot hairstyles for women over 50 ideas 2023

Short gray hairstyles 2023: The Shaggy Pixie

shaggy pixie hairstyle how to do my haircut in 2023 if I have gray hair ideas women over 50

The Shaggy Pixie gives you exactly what the hair stylists mean by “short and messy”. Different levels are created that result in a trendy look. The beautiful gray color lets the fringes shine and enhance your charisma even more.

Mohawk with undercut

Mohawk with undercut hairstyles in 2023 for gray hair

If an undercut and cheeky short hairstyles are to be combined, then a Mohawk is probably what comes to mind first. Rasp short, but at the same time longer and voluminous describes this hairstyle combo best. To add dimension in short hairstyles for gray hair like this one, you can combine a darker root with lighter ends of the hair. The undercut can be spiced up with shaving patterns (if you still think this is necessary with this already striking hairstyle).

Side bob haircut

side bob haircut trendy hairstyles in 2023 ideas easy to maintain

You can try to adapt a wonderful bob hairstyles despite its rather short length. Not only the classic and elegant center parting works with this haircut. You can look younger if you style a side parting – the deeper, the more upbeat without losing the elegance of the bob. And you can also see from the two examples above that the height and position of the parting plays a major role.

side bob ideas haircut how to do my hair in 2023 gray women over 50

In general, you can experiment with the hair length. Sleek and combed backwards or diagonally to the side, the styling will definitely attract everyone’s attention. If you want it to be a little more subtle and romantic, opt for hair waves in combination with a side parting. Either way, you’ll always hit the bull’s eye with the timeless bob in its classic length, even in 2023. If you want to create something different with the color, we again recommend the Salt and Pepper. Even the most inconspicuous short hairstyles for gray hair can be transformed.

shot side bob for gray hair women over 50 hairstyle ideas 2023

You want a trendy short hairstyle? Try the A-line bob!

a line bob haircut gray hair hairstyles 2023 ideas

Short hairstyles for women over 60: Try the Salt and Pepper hair color!

salt and pepper hairstyle colors women over 60 hair trends

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