Vogue’s Anna Wintour bob haircut: Why is it so iconic and who does it suit? Find out now

by Kristiyana

Legendary Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s bob is probably the most recognizable and famous hairstyle in the fashion industry. Everything around us might be constantly changing, but that bob haircut will remain to the end of times. And it’s no wonder why. Ms. Wintour’s signature hairdo was always gone hand-in-hand with her incredible sense of style, placing her in the spotlight ever since she first stepped into it back in the 80s. But what makes her bob cut so iconic? Can everyone pull it off? Let’s find out more about the classic Anna Wintour bob haircut.

What is the Anna Wintour bob cut?

anna wintour bob_anna wintour haircut

This classic bob hairdo consists of a blunt chin-length cut with bangs that are slightly curved towards the face. The look has an instantly recognizable silhouette that is both timeless and versatile. Fashion trends have come and gone, but Anna Wintour has always worn this bob cut. It’s part of who she is. The bob haircut is, on its own, timeless, but her sharp, polished and precise take is what makes it so iconic in the eyes of the public.

Can this classic hairstyle suit everyone?



But which face shapes does it suit? Anna Wintour’s sleek bob with bangs cut can look great on almost anyone if cut at the right length. If it is a shorter bob with bangs (one that ends by your ears), it would suit a heart-shaped face. A longer one—a lob, will work best for square or fuller faces. And for Wintour’s mid-length bob—it can suit any shape. Curl the ends to really frame your face. When it comes to hair texture, Anna Wintour’s bob with bangs cut would work best on naturally straight hair, and such that is easily tamed. If the texture is coarse or frizzy, styling can be a challenge. For women with curly or textured hair, better to try a choppy or looser bob cut.

Who is the man behind Anna Wintour’s bob?

Throughout the years, Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has had many different hairstylists, but for the past 6 she has always been going to the same one—Andreas Anastasis. Every weekday, at 8 am sharp, he has gone to Wintour to maintain her iconic bob hairstyle. Whether it’s for a cut and colour, blow-drying, spraying or styling, they have kept the same routine, even during the pandemic. Anna Wintour first got her signature hairstyle when she was still 14, by Leonard Lewis, or better known as Leonard of Mayfair.

How to style the iconic bob with bangs haircut?

who is the man behind Anna Wintour's bob_bob haircut

You have chosen the prefect length for your Anna Wintour bob cut, but how do you style it from there on? You can see that her haircut is always styled perfectly, with just the right amount of shine and sleekness. In order to achieve the same for your bob with bangs cut, you will need a quality hair dryer with a precision nozzle and a straightener.

After you wash your hair, dry it roughly until it’s about 80% dry. Focus the heat on your roots for more volume. Then, put on the precision nozzle, and by the use of a round bristle brush, finish drying your hair down from the roots. You should move your brush slowly from the roots to the tips. Once hair is dry, straighten it by curling the ends to frame your face.

How to maintain the bob with bangs cut?

anna wintour bob_anna wintour bob haircut

Now you have your perfect Anna Wintour bob hairstyle, but how do you maintain it? Be advised that this sleek bob cut requires some maintenance to keep it looking polished and perfect. To maintain your ends sharp and blunt, you will need a trim every four weeks. With a shorter hairstyle like this one, you will most probably have to wash your hair every other day. When it comes to styling products, look for ones with wheat protein or hyaluronic acid. These will restore elasticity and moisture to your hair. Also, don’t forget to use a heat protection spray before applying heat to prevent damage to your hair.

The Anna Wintour bob cut—Photo Gallery


Super sexy and stylish brunette Anna Wintour bob cut


Maybe recreate the iconic hairstyle with a splash of purple colour?

haircut trends 2023_hairstyles 2023

Nina Dobrev’s bob and bangs cut is to die for! 


I think Anna Faris’ platinum hair colour makes this bob cut even more eye-catching

anna faris hair_bob cuts 2023

This bob and bangs take is a bit more romantic, and definitely worth the try


Miley with the Anna Wintour bob? Never though I’d see that!


Young Anna Wintour once again emanating style and elegance 


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