New haircut alert! 15 stunning takes on the short layered bob with bangs to get you inspired

by Kristiyana

Looking to make the big change and give yourself a shorter haircut? Then I got just the thing for you! Meet the super sexy and fresh short layered bob with bangs! It’s an iconic look that can be worn by women of all ages and hair types. With its flattering silhouette, this hairstyle looks great on many different face shapes and frames your features beautifully. The added layers provide movement to the cut, while the addition of bangs offers a touch of chicness as well as texture. Do I already have you convinced? Here are 15 stunning takes on the short layered bob with bangs to get you inspired!

Wispy short layered bob with bangs

wispy bob with layers_wispy bob with bangs

Is your hair of a thicker texture? Then this super chic short bob with wispy layers and bangs would be ideal for you! These layers are lightweight, and are cut shortest at the back of the crown at the same length as the bangs up front. They help to create an overall sense of balance and ease in the hair.

Wavy short bob cut with long bangs

wavy short bob_wavy short bob with bangs


Looking for a super trendy short hairstyle for your wavy hair? I think you found it! The beauty and elegance of this wavy short bob cut is enhanced by a brightening balayage. Long bangs are added to give this haircut even more energy and movement.

Layered brunette bob with side bangs

bob with side bangs_bangs styled to the side

What about something short and stylish for all brunettes out there? I think this layered short bob with side bangs can do the trick! Complement the chic hairstyle with additional chocolate highlights.

Short bob haircut with sliced layers

sliced bob with short bangs_bob with short bangs

This bob hairstyle is super cute and stylish! To make it and keep things looking a bit edgy, opt for sliced layers with a slight A-line shape. Finish the haircut with a touch of baby bangs.

Messy wavy bob cut with bangs

wavy bob with bangs_messy bob

Any of you girls feeling troubled by a too-high forehead? Not to worry. This messy wavy bob with layers and bangs is just what you need! The bangs will help balance your face shape, and hide your high forehead. This bob cut creates an alluring and playful, messy look that you just can’t go without.

Short choppy bob with deep side part

short layered bob_short bob with long bangs

If you want to go for a short layered bob haircut, but with some urban appeal, opt for a deep side part and long bangs. They should be styled in a way to blend in with the rest of the choppy cut. Make your layers stand out with some sea salt hair spray.

Inverted layered bob with bangs

inverted bob wing bangs_inverted bob with layers

This bob cut is a bit longer, but I think it’s one you must try! An inverted bob haircut, parted on the side to create mesmerizing layered bangs. Super stylish and eye-catching.

Short coloured bob with choppy layers

short textured bob_bob with choppy bangs

No better way to add even more appeal to a new haircut than with some colour, wouldn’t you agree? The layers in your new bob cut will be all the more captivating with a lavender shade against a dark base. The bob here is cut in super choppy layers, at a chin-length.

Wavy layered bob with baby bangs

short blonde bob with micro bangs_micro bangs

Do you maybe want to a try a short layered bob with bangs cut that is a bit retro? Here you have the wavy bob with layers and baby bangs! Baby bangs require a bit more maintenance, so keep that in mind before going for the cut.

Short wavy hairstyle with curtain bangs

curtain bangs_layered bob with curtain bangs

More short wavy hairstyles? How can one resist the temptation?! And plus, this one has curtain bangs—only one of the hottest hair trends for 2023! These bangs are usually styled straight, but experiment with waves and curls to create a whole new look.

Short curly bob haircut with bangs

curly bob with bangs_curly short bob

No one said that short and layered bob haircuts with bangs can only be pulled off by girls with straight or wavy hair! Here come the short curly bobs! This short-cut hairstyle twirls beautifully around the face. Layers need to be added so that the haircut doesn’t quickly turn into a triangle.

Bob cut with bangs for women over 50

hairstyles for women over 50_short hairstyles for over 50

In need of a youthful hairstyle that can hide away a few years? Well, this short bob cut with layers and bangs is your answer! A set of bangs will successfully hide the fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. While, the shape of this bob cut will greatly frame your fave.

Layered messy bob with tapered bangs

tapered bangs_trendy hairstyles

And why not try a layered messy bob cut with tapered bangs? Tapered bangs that stop just above the eyebrows are super trendy! And they are a top choice among girls with chubbier faces. Wear the bangs a little longer, but never shorter.

Chin-length bob with layers and bangs

chin-length bob with blunt bangs_blunt bangs

If you want to show off your beautiful long neck, then this is the bob cut for you! This chin-length layered bob with bangs will accentuate your face and expose your neck. Complement your short and sexy hairstyle with an eye-catching necklace, for all the more attention.

Straight short bob with thick fringe

straight layered bob_sshort straight hairstyles

A layered short bob can easily be styled to look straight, if you don’t have natural straight hair. The hairstyle is even more alluring and sexy thanks to the thick fringe.

Overall, the short layered bob with bangs is a great hairstyle that can be tailored to any face shape or hair texture. It’s super versatile and flattering. The layers allow you to experiment with different styles, where you can add curls or waves for more volume. Plus, the bangs add dimension and make the hairstyle look complete. So pick your favourite look and hit the hair salon ASAP!

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