Outfits for women over 50: Check out some of the BEST fashion inspirations in 2023!

by Gabby

When you’re over fifty, you don’t stop in front of the mirror to admire yourself, but to observe the small changes due to advanced age. Putting on lipstick won’t lift your spirits. But think about the most fabulous outfit that can make you look 30 again! And you don’t have to follow trends, the main thing is to feel comfortable and love what you’re wearing. In search of inspiring outfits, you come across photos of celebrities for whom fashion for 50-year-old women is not a taboo. Let’s have a look at some of the best outfits for women over 50!

Outfits for women over 50: What are the fashion inspirations?

outfits for women over 50 to try in 2023 trendy colors clothing fashion style

The dilemma is always if you should dress to look younger, or dress elegantly according to your age. Well, I have some news for you! You can actually do both! If you haven’t tried the latest fashion trends that you felt in love with, it is never too late to make a statement of style and good taste. You don’t have to set yourself fashion goals or anything. Just brows through the article, find the outfits that you like, and try to recreate them. Remember that us girls can fashion icons at any age! Let’s find you some inspirational outfits for women over 50!

Winter outfit inspiration for women over 50

outfits for women over 50 winter 2023 ideas fashion styles inspiration what to wear


Speaking of looking younger, did you discover your casual winter style yet? You can always wear your neutral tones clothing, but how to make them look trendy? These colorful scarfs are all over the internet not only because they are cozy, but because they are going to make your outfit look super stylish. You can choose to wear a scarf with multiple colors, or just one color but extra bright. This will give your skin complexion a glow up, because of the shades. It will not make you look dull in the winter! You can find some ideas on how to wear a scarf in the winter here.

What colors to wear after 50?

The colors you should absolutely avoid in your fifties are khaki, olive green, dark brown, and all-white outfits. Another color that you should be very careful with is the purple, because it can highlight the redness of our skin. Instead, focus on colors like different shades of blue, light pastel pink, black, gray, light green and beige. You can always put on some accessories and give your outfits a pop of color.

what colors to wear in your fifties shades to avoid outfit inspiration fashion trends 2023

The little black dress for women over 50

little black dress for women over 50 outfit inspiration staple piece fashion

I know it may sound like a cliché, but one thing every woman at every age should have in her closet is the little black dress. This fashion piece can get is out of any tough situation, where we have to go out and be fabulous, but don’t know what to wear. And please forget about the boring black materials and silhouettes, and let’s focus on something just like on the picture. Try a dress with some ruffles, sheer sleeves and something that will make you look elegant and chic, but at the same time comfortable with what you are wearing. Being relaxed and sexy is possible, even at 50! Achieving this look doesn’t mean you have to wear mini skirts or torture your feet with high heels.

Subtle “feathers” look

christina cordula feathers outfits for women in their fifties looks fashion style

Who would want to escape a little opulence in their everyday life? Recently, clothes with feathers or stones on them have been quite popular, immersing us in this magical luxurious world of fashion. We are used to putting on my controversial jacket or my black blazer, and we call it a day! However, if you are in your fifties, and 2023 is all about experimenting with fashion, then why not try something different? Feathers are definitely something that will make you look more feminine, subtle and elegant. Opt for a piece that has pastel colors. It will compliment your hair and skin tone in the perfect way possible! Those chic looks from the 90s are coming back, and you can see it in the latest 2023 fashion trends!

Elegant street style for women in their fifties

what are the colors for women in their fifties or sixties clothing fashion advice tips

You don’t need a special occasion to put on your best comfortable heels and conquer the streets of the big city. Whether you need to go to the gym or do a little more work, the most important thing is to feel good in what you’re wearing. And how will you feel good? When you are elegant and beautiful of course! Put on a leather jacket, smart trousers and don’t forget a little satin scarf. It will make your look very chic!

Outfits for women over 50: You MUST check out these styles!

what to wear when we aare in our fifties ideas fashion street wear casual outfit

Pink and red combination 

pink and red combo for women over fifty how to dress to impress stylish chic

Chic style for women over 50

chic style over 50 women fashion advice dress black boots

Casual chic inspiration 

what are the best clothes for women in their fifties outfit inspiration

Stunning fashion idea on how to dress in your fifties 

fashion trends for women over 50 inspiration for outfits gold pants blazer

Idea for a monochrome outfit for women over 50

monochrome outfits for women in their fifties dark blue outfit

How to look chic in the winter? 

how to look chic in the winter for women over 50 outfit inspo coat faux fur

Rhinestones and a little glamour for 2023 

grace ghanem fashion ideas inspiration rhinestones outfit

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